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Fees & Finance


There are differential composition (tuition) fees for local and non-local students.  For local students, the composition fee is HK$42,100 in the academic year 2013-14.  The fee for local students in 2014-15 has yet to be decided on Government’s advice but we do not expect it to differ significantly from the current fee.  Non-local students are persons entering Hong Kong for the purpose of education with a student visa / entry permit issued by the Director of Immigration.  For non-local students, the composition fee for 2014-15 is HK$135,000 per year.

In addition to the composition fee, each new students must pay a deposit of HK$350 known as "caution money". If there are no claims against the caution money, it will be used to pay their HK$350 graduation fee upon graduation, or will be refunded if they leave the University before graduation.

All new students will also have to pay an entrance fee of HK$100 to the Students’ Union and an annual subscription of HK$140. These fees may be revised upwards.


Besides budgeting for pocket money and travelling expenses, students should allow for expenditure on textbooks, writing materials and, in some cases, items of equipment.


A number of financial assistance schemes are available to eligible local students:

Government Financial Assistance Scheme (exclusively for UGC funded programmes)

  1. Tertiary Student Finance Scheme – Publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS)
    • A means-tested grant and loan scheme run by the Government Student Financial Assistance Agency.
  2. Non-means-tested Loan Scheme
    • A student loan scheme run by the Government Student Financial Assistance Agency.

Eligible students with difficulties in financing their studies are strongly advised to apply to the above schemes. Details can be viewed online at

University Financial Assistance

To supplement the Government schemes, the University offers small scale means-tested financial assistance to local full-time students through CEDARS. For details, please visit the website at

There is also the First-in-the-Family Education Fund to enable financially needy first generation university students to take part in learning programmes outside classroom.  For details, please visit the website at


The University administers a multitude of scholarships and prizes which are awarded on the basis of academic merit.  Undergraduates can apply directly for scholarships which are advertised on the Faculty notice boards and on the Student Intranet.  For those scholarships which are not publicised, Heads of the applicable departments or Deans of Faculties will be invited to recommend suitable nominees for these awards.

Students are advised to periodically check the notices on the Faculty notice boards and the e-notices on the University Intranet Systems via the HKU Portal for details on how to apply for various scholarships during the year.