Delegation visits

Delegation Visits

The University connects to an extensive network of partner institutions worldwide.  Over the year, the University receives regular visits from our more than 300 partners from every corner of the world.  Likewise, the University pays visits to partner institutions.  Here, we are delighted to share with you the latest news of our institutional partnerships.

For tertiary institutions - request a visit!

If you are traveling to Hong Kong, you are very welcome to visit HKU and meet our representatives.  We look forward to further collaborations with your esteemed institution in different areas.  To request a visit, please complete the online form here, and we will get back to you within a week of the request.  To facilitate our arrangement, we would appreciate to receive your request two weeks prior to the date of visit.

What's new? - Recent visits

Frequently updated here are a number of visits taking place in the recent months:

HKU and National University of Mongolia Discuss Further Collaboration
6 November 2014

HKU representatives participate in meeting at the National University of Mongolia.

HKU and NUM representatives discuss plans for future collaboration.

Release date: 11 November 2014

Representatives from the University of Hong Kong (HKU) participated in a meeting at the National University of Mongolia (NUM) in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia last Thursday, where they explored ways to advance collaborative efforts between the two institutions. The universities signed a joint MoU in 2012, which marked the first major partnership between universities in Hong Kong and Mongolia.

NUM officials attending the meeting included the Vice President of the Department of Social Sciences Ts.Ganbold, Dean of the School of Law B.Temüülen, Director of Postgraduate Studies B.Otgontögs, Dean of the School of Applied Sciences and Engineering S.Nyambaa, Senior Specialist of the Department of International Relations and Cooperation D.Sarantsetseg, Sh.Mendbayar and Ts.Uyanga. Topics of discussion covered during the session spanned university internationalization, undergraduate exchange and summer program cooperation, and research co-supervision.

Professor John Spinks, Senior Advisor to the President and Director of Undergraduate Admissions and International Student Exchange at HKU, noted that HKU has been developing its relationship with Mongolia in recent years, through admission of some talented Mongolian students for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and through hosting delegations from the country to Hong Kong. He noted that with HKU being ranked as one of the top international universities in Asia, a priority for it is its collaboration with the top universities beyond Hong Kong and China into its Asian neighbourhood. “In this regard, I was very pleased to confirm with the National University of Mongolia that we will start to exchange students during the semester or in our respective summer schools next academic year.  We anticipate that this will lead in time to a much deeper collaboration through joint research between colleagues in the two universities", he said.

Founded in 1942, the National University of Mongolia (NUM) is the oldest and leading higher education institution in Mongolia. It has grown from 93 students in its first year of establishment to 19,605 undergraduate and 3,385 postgraduate students in 2014, and currently hosts 1,035 faculty members. The university’s research priority fields are natural and applied sciences, social sciences and humanities. National Research Institutes hosted by NUM include the Institute for Mongolian Studies, Institute of Mathematics, Nuclear Research Center, Institute of Economics and Institute of Sustainable Development. The University regularly hosts international summer programs in the fields of Mongolian Studies, Anthropology and Archaeology, Mining Economy and Biology.