Outgoing Students


What are the criteria for selecting outgoing students?

A: The Selection Panel is looking for candidates with:

  1. good academic standing
  2. outgoing personality and eagerness to learn from a different culture
  3. good knowledge of Hong Kong's history and culture
  4. good communication skills, and
  5. active participation in extra-curricular activities and community service

Is it mandatory for me to take an English as a Second Language (ESL) test like TOEFL or IELTS?

A: ESL test results are a required document when you apply for a HKUWW Exchange Programme as most of our partner universities will require one of those. ESL test is not needed ONLY IF you are choosing all Chinese institutions.

Do I need to pay to apply? How about HKU tuition fees?

A: You will need to pay a HK$2,000 deposit when you apply for the HKUWW Exchange Programme. The deposit is fully refundable provided you fulfill the list of conditions stipulated in the Condition of Offers. The deposit will be forfeited if you choose to withdraw from the Programme after your accepted the offer

Regarding HKU tuition fees, as you are going on exchange as a HKU student, you are still required to pay the HKU tuition fee on your semester/year of exchange.

What if I choose to withdraw before or in the middle of my exchange studies?

A: Your HK$2,000 deposit will be forfeited and your upcoming, if any, exchange applications will be seriously affected.

Academic issues

Do I get credit for all the courses I do on exchange?

A: You will receive exchange credits for all work successfully completed at the partner university. However, the actual transfer of exchange credits happens when you return to HKU. Your faculty is the final authority on how courses taken at the partner university will be credited towards your HKU degree.

Do I need to notify my faculty about my exchange?

A: Yes. You will need to apply for Leave of Absence at your faculty office as soon as you are accepted by your host school.

Returning to HKU

What do I need to do upon my return to HKU after my exchange studies?

A: You will need to complete the following before your HK$2,000 deposit will be refunded to you:

  1. Submit an exchange report to OISE regarding your exchange studies;
  2. Participate in the buddy programme;
  3. Complete an online questionnaire.

Will I get a transcript from my host institution?

A: Upon receiving the transcript from your host institution, OISE will forward it to your faculty for credit transfer. You can contact your faculty office directly for arrangement.