Incoming Students

Before Departure

1. Book your flight ticket

HKU semester dates can be found here. We recommend all students to arrive in Hong Kong around one week prior to the start of semester. Orientation will be held about a week before the semester starts. Please refrain from booking your departure ticket at this moment as your HKU examination timetable will not be released until 1-2 months before the assessment period. We recommend students to book their departure tickets after they confirm their examination timetable.

2. What you really need to bring

Other than those you can think of, we would like to remind you to bring along the following items:
(1)  Photos for your HKU student card
Your photo should be:
(i) a photo taken within the last 6 months of yourself without a hat and sunglasses;
(ii) not larger than 55 mm x 45 mm and not smaller than 50mm x 40 mm
(iii) having a PLAIN BLUE (preferred), white or light-coloured background. Please do NOT use black, dark or patterned background
(2) A T-shirt representing your home institution
We would like every incoming student to wear their very own home school T-shirt on the orientation day. So please bring yours.
(3)  Your Latest Official Transcript
Please bring along your latest home school official transcript for your course selection in HKU.
(4)  Your Gym Card
If you want to use the gym in HKU and you already have a gym card issued by any sports institution / home school, please bring them over so that you could be exempted from the gym training class again before getting a HKU gym card.
(5)  Plugs
Hong Kong is using British style plugs with two flat blades and one flat grounding blade at a voltage of 220V 50Hz . In case you want to use your notebook or any electrical appliances on your first few days here, please bring along your plugs.
(6)  LAN Cable
Only wired connection is available in our student residential halls. Please bring along your LAN Cable so that you can access to the internet as soon as your laptop is connected to the Hall Network.

3. Hall Accommodation

For those who have applied for hall accommodation, you should have received / will receive an email from CEDARS in the coming weeks notifying you about the student residential hall that you are assigned to and its contact information. Please liaise with the hall office directly to confirm your check-in date and time.

4. Student Visa

You can apply for your student visa either hrough HKU Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS) or China Affairs Office (CAO). Your visa application documents will be sent to the HK Immigration Department after your formal admission letter has been issued by the Faculty. The visa label will be sent to you by courier. Please remember to stick it onto your passport before landing at the Hong Kong airport.
In case your visa is yet to be ready / received before you depart, you can still come to Hong Kong as a visitor first and apply for activating your student visa status. Citizens from different countries can enjoy a different visa free period in Hong Kong. Please see details at
For questions regarding visa application, please see

5. Online Preparatory Guide

You are strongly advised to read the preparatory guide for incoming students.  
It provides useful information on arrival in Hong Kong, accommodation, estimated living costs, life at HKU, campus map etc.

On Arrival

After you have arrived at Hong Kong International Airport, you can get to HKU by the following ways. Don’t worry, it’s very fast and easy!

Step 1: Airport Express train (from Airport to Hong Kong Station)

The fastest way to get the downtown area is to take the Airport Express (the dark green line on the MTR system map)( 
At the arrival hall of the airport, follow the signs to the Airport Express and you will then reach the train platform. Get an “adult single journey” ticket to Hong Kong Station at the customer service counter. You might want to get some petty HK dollars in your home country beforehand or at the HK airport.

Step 2: Taxi (from Hong Kong Station to HKU Residential Hall)

You can then take a taxi from Hong Kong Station to the residential hall. Chinese addresses of all the halls can be found in the preparatory guide and they can be shown to the taxi driver.
** Registration Points**
Upon arrival, you will have to go to the main campus for registration during office hours. Please go to:
(1) Global Affairs Office
      Global Lounge, G/F, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre
(2)  Your faculty office, if instructed.