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Course Load

  • A course at HKU usually has 6 HKU credits. A normal load is 30 credits for one semester (60 credits for a year) but you might also take a minimum of 24 credits to a maximum of 36 credits each semester, subject to the approval of the Dean/Head of the Department. (For Faculty of Business and Economics, the minimum and maximum credits is 6 and 30 respectively.)
  • Within each semester's full load of 30 credits, more than half of them must come from one single faculty. That means you should pick three courses from one faculty while the remaining can be chosen from other faculties.
  • All courses, except those offered by the School of Chinese, are taught in English.
  • Taught master-level programmes are generally not offered to exchange students. If you wish to conduct research under a supervisor, please contact for procedures. 
  • Students are required to check the course pre-requisite / requirement before selecting.
  • Actual enrolment is subject to class availability and class schedule.
  • The HKU credit system is based on the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) model. A semester of study in HKU and in a ECTS-comliant institution will be considered as equal in credit value under normal circumstances. However, the actual credit transfer of courses will be suject to the policies and procedures of your home institution. 

Semester Date

HKU uses the semester system and detailed semester dates can be found here

Course Information for Exchange Students

1. Courses From Faculties

Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Business and Economics
Please note:
  1. Courses offered by the Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE) are highly competitive. Students who are in their final year in particular, should note that course enrollment is NOT guaranteed.
  2. Students who apply to FBE should have a grade level of B average / CGPA 3.0 / Satisfactory level.
  3. Students should have already completed the course prerequisites before requesting to enroll in courses with pre- requirements Co-registration (e.g taking Microeconomics I and II together in a semester) is not allowed.
  4. Economics and Finances courses highly emphasize mathematics.
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Law

Generally, the standards for admission for exchange and visiting students are at least upper second-class honours (2:1) results (which converts to approximately a CGPA of 3.33). 

Faculty of Science
Faculty of Social Sciences

Courses offered to Exchange/Visiting Students in Academic Year 2016 (Click here)

2. Credit Bearing Cantonese/Mandarin Courses for Exchange Students

3. Common Core Courses

  • Subject to availability, exchange/ visiting students may take up to two Common Core courses from a selective menu, each from a different Area of lnquiry (Aol). They should enroll to special sub-classes created for exchange/visiting students only. Common Core courses will not count as part of the fulfillment of the 50% requirement of course enrollment for exchange students.
  • Available Common Core courses for exchange students:
    Common Core courses offered in Academic Year 2015/16

    • Selection Process during Course Selection Period in August (Course approval method: First-Come-First-Served)

      During the course selection period in August, your selections of Common Core courses are time-stamped. Pending approval of courses enrollment, you are able to check your position in the queue as well as the number of vancancies available in the course. The system will approve your course selection on a first-come-first-served basis. Any enrollments not approved as a result of oversubscription will be placed on a ranked waiiting list. The system will perform the enrollment approval process a few times a day and you can check and make changes to your course selection online during the course selection period.

      After the course selection period closes, all the waiting lists gererated during the course selection period will be purged. You will not be allow to make any changes to your course selection until the add/drop period.
    • Add/Drop Period in September or Mid-January (Course approval method: Auto-Ballot)

      During the add/drop period, you may select Common Core courses with available places and the system will approve your new enrollments by auto-ballot. the system will perform auto-balloting jobs a few times a day and you may check your course selection status and ballot result online after the suspension period. 

      *IMPORTANT: You should ensure that your Common Core course selection does not violate the requiremenet of not taking more than one course from any Aol in an acadmic year. Otherwise, your enrollment will be disapproved by the system automatically. 

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Summer Programme

Some of our faculties offer summer programmes and welcome international students to enroll. A comprehensive programme list will be announced for the programmes that will be offered in the coming summer. Please go to for details.

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