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Ju Hyun

Ju Hyun (BA, Yr 3)

The University of Lausanne

Within a day of my arrival, I had already been invited to 2 welcome dinners, and a welcome party someone was hosting in the opposite building. People were friendly and welcoming, and taking the initiative I organized a dinner in my kitchen which ended up cramming in 20 people along with 5 pizzas.

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Ka Chun

Ka Chun (BEng, Yr 2)

University of Adelaide

Apart from school life, I tried a lot of new things and adventures in Australia. I have tried kayaking with cute dolphins in a nice river; controlling a small airplane in the sky and trying the thrilling skydive near a spectacular beach. All the activities were great and fantastic and they cannot be done in Hong Kong.

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Sin Yee

Sin Yee (BA, Yr 3)

University of California Los Angelas

UCLA seems to place its emphasis on whole-person development, and the students are moving along the line. There are numerous student clubs and societies – you can almost find one, or sometimes more than one, for whatever areas you are interested in. Students also tend to put more attention on sports and exercises. There is a gym located in a very convenient location on campus, and it is always full.

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Vickie Li

Vickie Li (BSocSc, Yr 3)

Oxford University

Apart from intellectual attainment, I made friends with my lab mates including the post docs and DPhil students. They share their research experience to me which make me understand more about the academia and the current trend of Neuroscience. We often went to bars and pubs after department seminar with guest speakers and have casual chats, I feel honored to talk to world class researchers and to know about their work.

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Kam Ling

Kam Ling (BA, Yr 3)

Yonsei University

IAfter all, I believe that going an academic exchange is about stepping out of our comfort zone and taking adventures. The real meaning of exchange lies in the word between “live” and “travel”. “Live” in the local life and keep the curiosity to explore at the same time, and then I am able to grow and reach the real meaning of exchange.

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