Outgoing Students


You should ensure that you are covered by comprehensive health, accident, personal property and travel insurances for the entire period of your study abroad, especially if you are planning to travel for personal leisure purpose during the study period.

Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance is provided by Finance Office for all HKU undergraduate students going on exchange programmes. Total number of travelling days per trip must NOT exceed 180 days. Students can approach Finance Office to obtain proof of the insurance. It has been confirmed with the insurance company that no extension of days beyond 180 days can be arranged for travel insurance policy. 

Medical Insurance

Make sure you have met the health requirements of your host country before you depart. Check your medical insurance coverage with the International Office of your host university. If the coverage is inadequate, or if your host university does not offer a compulsory medical plan, it is advisable to get private medical insurance. Most travel insurances also include a medical coverage for sickness. But make sure you know what items and services are covered and the limits. Most of the coverage is also strictly on a reimbursement basis.

Other Option 

Group Personal Accident Insurance Programme is recommended if students want to purchase an additional insurance plan.


Please send your enquiry to feo_insurance@hku.hk.


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