Outgoing Students

Scholarship for Semester Exchange

All eligible applicants will be invited to apply for Scholarship for Semester Exchange to provide information about their financial needs. OISE will assign applicants with an appropriate scholarship according to their financial needs and academic standing, once their application becomes successful and have been accepted by their host institution.



HKUWW Scholarship


All successful applicants with a CGPA, at the semester before their departure, of 3.0 or above will be eligible to receive a HKUWW Scholarship. This scholarship is just a notional amount of award for students’ semester exchange studies. Students should not consider it a major financial source. The award scale is as follows:


HKUWW Scholarship
per semester (HK$)
HKUWW Scholarship
per year (HK$)
Europe, Americas,  South Africa, Japan, Israel 12, 000 24, 000
Australia, New Zealand 11, 000 22, 000
South Korea 7, 000 14, 000
Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan 5, 500 11, 000
China 4, 000 7, 000

Scholarships from Donations
**Application for Scholarships from Donations is available on invitation basis ONLY.**

OISE will nominate suitable candidates to one of the scholarships listed below according to the donor's requirements. Individual donors will make final decisions regarding the recipients of their scholarship. Scholarship recipients will be asked to provide a thank you note to the donors.


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