Learning at HKU

Hall Education



Halls of Residence form part of the tradition of the University. They are part of the education system rather than just a provision of accommodation. As hall members have to learn to be independent and interact closely with students of different backgrounds under the same roof, halls are a very effective means to integrate students' social and intellectual lives, and therefore offer a golden opportunity for whole-person education.


Each residential hall has its own tradition, culture and characteristics:


Simon K. Y. Lee Hall
We are Skyers, Active and Sincere


In this big family of 300, inter-personal relationship is what we value most. We know each other by name. Precious moments we have with floor-mates, teammates, orientation camp group-mates are lifelong memorable. Together with hardware facilities such as a living-room-like common area, a unique podium where you can have a mini-soccer match made Lee Hall a warm and lovely second home.



Lady Ho Tung Hall (LHT)
Justitia Et Veritas


The only female residential hall since 1951, our hall takes pride in our established traditions and fine hall education, passed on from one generation to the next. Hall mates of all years of study and cultural backgrounds intermingle in the many clubs and events, ranging from sports teams to cultural teams to monthly high table dinners. Our motto is belief in both justice and truth.



Starr Hall

At its establishment in 2001, Starr Hall was famous for having the highest ratio of local students and exchange students among all other halls. Our extensive network of local-exchange interaction ensures that, through living with people of different characters and backgrounds, Starrians will be opened to endless opportunities for personal development. Our motto is balance.


Morrison Hall
Deo Adjuvante Labor Proficit
(God helps those who work together to progress)


Built in 1913, many Morrisonians have had their joyful days in Morrison Hall. Morrisonians have chances to learn from each other, to share experiences and to build up brotherhood.



Ricci Hall
Quantum potes tantum aude
(As much as you are able that you should dare to do)


Founded in 1929, Ricci is one of the oldest halls at the University. Riccians are bound by their commitment to unity, loyalty and sacrifice, striving for betterment of the hall, their hallmates and themselves. In Ricci, we cultivate a unique kind of life-long brotherhood.


St. John’s College
Strive for the Best


Founded in 1912, St John’s College was the first residential hall in the University. The College shoulders three missions: to foster St. Johnians to have all-round and distinguished character; to make the St. Johnians zealous for the College and society; and finally, to encourage St. Johnians to become a life-long member of the College fraternity and community.



University Hall

Within these walls none is a stranger


Founded in 1956, Ambition-Unity-Brotherhood are the central tenets of University Hall. Life in University Hall is diverse and exciting. There are functions that give hall-mates a chance to engage, share and learn.




Lee Hysan Hall

Unity-Choice & Responsibility- Positive- Harmony


Lee Hysan Hall was established in 1992. “Never fall. Beat You All. We are We are Hysan Hall” captures our hall’s spirit and shows our hall-mates’ perseverance. To live in Lee Hysan Hall is a valuable chance to ignite your life and passion.




RC Lee Hall
Liberty with responsibility, unity in diversity


Founded in 1992, RC has a unique model across the entire community of halls. We believe in the co-existence of traditionalism and modernism, under the umbrella of intellectual integrity and cosmopolitan humanity.



Swire Hall

Unity and Sincerity


Swire Hall is located in the eastern part of the Main Campus. Through a series of Hall Life Education programmes in sports games, cultural activities, and self governing, Swirians learn how to contribute and co-operate with one another. Swire Hall welcomes students from all discipline and from all countries.



Lee Shau Kee Hall


Lee Shau Kee Hall opened its doors in 2005. One of the defining characteristics of the Hall is its international flavour. In addition, students at Lee Shau Kee Hall are studying for degrees in more than a dozen different academic disciplines, making the Hall one of the most diverse at the University.



Wei Lun Hall


Opened in August 1994, Wei Lun Hall has treasured and appreciated the energetic, active and enthusiastic character of our hall-mates. They are keen in participating in different sports teams, cultural groups and other hall functions.




HKU Residential Colleges

The University has built four Residential Collegeson Lung Wah Street, Kennedy Town for 1800 students. The Residential Colleges will have three distinctive features:

  • As they are located within Kennedy Town and next to many residential blocks, students will have very close engagement with the community
  • There will be a strong intellectual and academic component. In 2012-3, there will be 25% – 33% postgraduates and the rest are undergraduates in each College. In the long run, the proportion of undergraduates to postgraduates is 1:1.
  • The Residential Colleges will have strong representations of local, mainland and overseas students. The students may also help Kennedy Town to develop into a multi-cultural community.

Halls and Residential Colleges will provide a complete range of residential experience and work hand-in-hand in a complementary manner to achieve students’ whole-person development.