Pilot Mainland Experience Scheme for Post-secondary Students (MES)



About the Scheme

Pilot Mainland Experience Scheme for Post-Secondary Students aims to encourage HKU full-time undergraduates, both local and non-local to learn more about the prevailing social, economic and cultural landscape of Mainland through a variety of credit or non-credit bearing programs. 


The experience will also facilitate the long-term career development of students especially those who wish to explore their opportunities in the Mainland.



  • Eligible Programmes:
    EDB regards short-term Mainland internship or learning programmes as eligible to be put under MES. 

    Prior application of programme approval is required. Please refer to the part of Application of Programme Approval for more information. 
    (For the list of endorsed and approved programmes, please contact China Affairs Office at caocvf@hku.hk)

    The matching grants received under MES can be used for operating approved short-term internship and learning programmes in the Mainland for the period of up till 30 June 2019.

  • Eligible Students:
    Both local and non-local HKU full-time undergraduate students participating in programmes which have been approved by EDB are eligible to apply for reimbursement under MES.


Funding Scope

  • The Scheme will subsidise successful applicants up to HKD 3,000 or 50% of the cost* per capita (whichever is lower) for participating in the programme.
    * The cost includes but not limited to the transportation cost from Hong Kong to the Mainland host institution, registration fee, programme fee, and course material fee.
  • Each undergraduate student can receive subsidy under the Scheme ONCE only, irrespective of the amount of subsidy they receive.
  • Subsidy of the Scheme is provided on a reimbursement basis to eligible students.
  • Students’ application for the subsidy is on a voluntary base.


Application of Programme Approval

  • All applications are subject to the approval by Education Bureau.
  • Faculty/Department project holders shall submit a complete set of application form in BOTH hard and soft copy for further submission to EDB. Hard copy with the signed application should be submitted to China Affairs Office (9/F, Knowles Building, HKU) (Attn: Ms. Karene Lam); soft copy in WORD format should be sent to caocvf@hku.hk. The full set of application form can be downloaded HERE.
  • The deadline for the submission of programme approval is in relation to the commencement date of programmes. Application has to be made at least EIGHT weeks before the programme commences.


Remark: All China Vision 2019 Spring Programmes have been approved by EDB. The project holder is China Vision. Please contact China Affairs Office at caocvf@hku.hk for the programme eligibility.

Post-trip Report

  • All project holders have to fill in and submit a post-trip report within one month after the completion of the programme.


  • The template of post-trip report can be downloaded HERE.



  • Faculty/ Department Project holders should submit the following documents to China Affairs Office (9/F, Knowles Building, HKU) (Attn: Ms. Karene Lam) within one month after the completion of the programme for reimbursement purpose:

    1) All individual student programme report(s) (with sharing and photos in word format) and ORIGINAL copy of programme expenses’ receipts, boarding pass/train tickets, etc. from eligible students; 
    2) Participant list for reimbursement (both soft and hard copy); 
    3) Post-trip Report (both soft and hard copy).
  • Eligible students who participated in the EDB approved programmes should submit the following documents to the project holder within 10 days after the completion of the programme:

    1) A sharing and photos; AND
    2) ORIGINAL boarding pass(es) / train ticket(s); AND
    3) Proof of programme expenses (such as official invoice/ receipts)


Remark: Eligible China Vision 2019 Spring Programmes participants should submit all required documents to China Affairs Office's collection box (China Affairs Office, 9/F, Knowles Building, HKU) within office hour (Mon-Fri, 0930-1230; 1430-1730) within 10 days after completing the programme. 


  • CAO will process the application and arrange the subsidy to be paid on reimbursement basis upon receiving a complete set of required documents. In principle students will be able to receive the reimbursement within two to three months after submission deadline. 


For more information, please contact China Affairs Office at caocvf@hku.hk.

(Last updated on 05/03/2019)