2018 Winter

Are you ready for planning your winter semester-break activities?

China Vision is going to offer exclusive cultural and learning programmes in coming winter. The application of 2018 China Vision Winter Programmes will be started from October 8 to 21!


Below is the full list of 2018 China Vision Winter Programmes:​

1 重慶武隆仙女山地質文化研習冰雪冬令營 Geography Winter Camp in Chongqing (2018/19)
2 2018年雲南大理州永平縣暑期社會實踐  Dali Go! Competition (2018/19)
3 2018年一帶一路戰略研習營 "One Belt One Road" Strategy Study Camp (2018/19)
4 第二屆創客馬拉松-滬港澳飛行嘉年華 The 2nd SH-HK-Macao University Flight Carnival (2018/19)
5 第十六届“小衛星”學者計畫暨第四届“快舟學子”冬季工科聯合研習營 Satellite Project - Winter Cultural Excursion to Harbin (2018/19)
6 第三屆哈爾濱工業大學冰雪大聯歡 Harbin-Yichuan Winter Camp - Route A (2018/19)
7 第二屆“青年才俊,聚首冰城”港澳青年學子冬令營 Harbin-Yichuan Winter Camp - Route B (2018/19)
8 第三屆“夢幻冰城,攜手同行”香港高校冬令營 Winter Camp in Frozen City (2018/19)
9 第三屆“相聚哈工大,共敘冰雪情”青年精英冬令營 Elite Youth Winter Camp (2018/19)
10 第二屆哈爾濱工業大學啟夢航天之旅 HIT Technology Learning Tour (2018/19)
11 南京大學“寧港澳大學生歷史文化遺產探尋之旅—古建篇 Cultural Immersion Programme in Nanjing  (2018/19)
12 第二期寧港澳大學生“非遺”項目的實踐與創意 Intangible Cultural Heritage Winter Camp (2018/19)
13 中國方略:北京大學“當代中國與世界研習營” China's Global Strategy and Agenda (2018/19)
14 行走發現 匯智雲南——大理生態經濟發展創意挑戰賽 Exploring Dali Competition (2018/19)
15 潮汕文化學習營 Experiencing Chaoshan Winter Camp (2018/19)
16 鬧市邊的過山瑤 - 粵北瑤族文化歷史專題考察  Yao Culture Study Tour in North Guangdong (2018/19)
17 華南農業大學“壓花·品茶·體驗客家文化”項目 Hakka Culture Experiential Camp (2018/19)
18 第七屆京港大學生國情研究與內地考察活動 China Orientation Programme (2018/19)
19 第十二屆京港大學生“中華文化:傳統與現代”主題交流營 Tradition and Modernity of Chinese Culture (2018/19)
20 古都文化與一帶一路 Grand Dynasty Culture in Belt and Road (2018/19)


You can see how wonderful our programmes were last year by looking at our STUDENT SHARING now. Let's get yourself prepared and grab this chance to have a unique journey in Mainland this semester!!