Pre-departure notes

6. Emotional Preparation


  • Establish your own lifestyle with increased personal independence and


  • Appreciate the opportunities to exercise your judgment with problem


  • Make sense of a new culture through listening and observations and adapt to

     different attitudes, values, lifestyles, and ways of thinking

  • Understand the academic expectations and different learning culture in your

     host university

  • Have sensitivity when being asked about your first impression of your host

     university/country. It is appropriate to give neutral comments because you are
     new to your host university and unfamiliar with her traditions and cultures

  • Develop new friendships and social networks
  • Enhance your fluency in the use of foreign language, especially your academic

     work. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

  • If you find yourself confused or disoriented in the initial period, try to

     remember that this is a natural stage to go through. The key to managing new
     experiences is to be as prepared as possible, and expect unfamiliarity

  • In case the students are caught in an emotional low at any stage, they could

     seek advice from the International Office or the Student Counseling Centre

     of the host university