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  1. My SAT score is XXXX. Am I qualified for this course?
  Specific admission scores cannot be provided to applicants as they are confidential information. Please apply online first and then post us all your supporting documents for further considerations. Your application will be considered individually by the faculties and you will be notified once you are proved eligible to admit into HKU.
  2. How can I pay the application fee?
  You can pay the application fee by completing a form and pay by credit card. You can also pay by bank draft (in Hong Kong Dollars) drawn on a bank in Hong Kong and made payable to ‘The University of Hong Kong’
  3. Can I apply for credit transfer?

If you are applying for the same or similar faculty in HKU, you can apply for credit transfer. You should tick the appropriate box in the application form when applying online for HKU. Transfer of credits may be granted to applicants in recognition of studies completed successfully elsewhere. The number of credits you can transfer is determined based on the following principles:

  • minimum of two semesters of study at this University shall be required before you will be considered for the award of the undergraduate degree

  • minimum of 60 credits shall be gained from HKU for the award of the undergraduate degree
    The number of credits to be transferred will be determined by faculties after your having been admitted into the University. Advanced credits granted are not normally included in the calculation of the student's GPA, but may be recorded on the transcript of the student.
    Application for transfer of credits and/or direct entry to the second or later year of study should be made at the same time of application for admission by completing the relevant section in the application form and enclosing an official university transcript. Application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Can I have more information about the faculties?
  Please visit the website below for more details about the faculty that you are interested in. You may also contact the faculty directly for more information:


  5. What are the TOEFL, SAT and AP codes for HKU?
TOEFL, SAT and AP codes all are 9671.
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