Mainland and Overseas Professional Development Programme

Mainland Professional Development Programme

In order to promote interflow and co-operation between Hong Kong and the Mainland, and to further strengthen interaction of the two regions, HKU Professional Development Programme timely invites HKU professors and renowned specialists to conduct training programmes, with programme specifically tailored to institutions’ and enterprises’ needs, for various units in cities and provinces all over China. Participants are not only able to avoid the inconveniences arose from leaving their posts for long periods, but also able to effectively combine with actual working conditions and thereby achieve practical enhancements in all aspects. Participants may hence experience fully the form and atmosphere of education at a premier Asian institution of higher learning within their home setting, and take a step forward in laying a more solid foundation for their future career.

In addition to making use of the HKU professors as the main force of the teaching team, HKU will also invite other famous specialists to teach, in accordance with circumstances. The entire teaching team is very experienced in teaching, fully understanding the characteristics of Chinese trainees and the cultural differences between the two regions, and is able to effectively conduct training and guidance geared to these particular aspects.

Overseas Professional Development Programme

The inter-institutional network of HKU covers across the globe. With ample experience in organizing high-end international training programmes, it has established long term partnership with world-renowned institutions such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, Sydney University and the National University of Singapore, as well as with enterprises. From site visit routes design, curriculum at world class universities, teaching given by internationally acclaimed scholars, to visit to the Fortune Global 500 enterprises, all these parts of the programme are closely conformed to the actual needs of institutions and enterprises.

Through joining HKU’s overseas training programme, trainees not only have the opportunities to experience teaching given by scholars of the premier universities globally, and have dinner with professors of Oxford and Cambridge, etc., but also obtain certificates issued by those institutions on completion of the course. The programme places importance on the interaction between participants and the prestigious institutions, making arrangements for participants to take up residence in the campuses of Oxbridge so as to acquire a genuine taste of campus scenery and culture. After the completion of the training, farewell receptions and group photo activities will be arranged, to allow every participant to retain a memento of precious memories and prestige of a lifetime. Chinese translation and interpretation services are provided, to ensure that participants instantly comprehend and master the information.

We also arrange visits to the headquarters of the BMW Group, the HSBC Group, the Royal Bank of Scotland and other Fortune Global 500 enterprises for on-site learning to the trainees, to have interaction with senior management of enterprises in close range, thus getting to know the operating system and mode of management of these enterprises

Furthermore, participants may make use of leisure time after classes to tour the local scenic spots and endure the culture and lifestyle of the place.