Training Theme

Training Theme Target Audience
1. Public Administrative and Government Role Management Programme

- Government Role Management
- Public Financial Management
- Allocation and Management of Resources
- Establishment of non-corrupted society
Middle to senior civil servants from worldwide government departments
2. Urban Construction and Management

- Urban Planning Management and Design
- Urban Operation Management
- Urban Traffic Construction Management
Department head of urban planning from government bodies, architect, planner and environmental worker
3. Business Management and Leadership Development Programme

- Corporate Governance
- Corporate Strategic Development
- Marketing
- Corporate Financial Management
- Human Resources Management
- Information Strategy and Knowledge Management
- Leadership Strengthening
Corporate director, general manager, senior managing staff
4. Business Administration Programme

- English Enhancement
- Innovation of Management
- Business Law in Hong Kong
- Financial Market Development and Regulation
- Information Management and E-Commerce
- Marketing
- Ideas of Human Resources Management
- Corporate Culture and Innovation
- Risk and Corporate Internal Control
- Accounting Management
Middle to senior managing staff of business bank, financial organization, private enterprise
5. Bank Operation and Management Programme

- Leadership and Management
- Investment and Operation
Middle to senior managing staff of business bank
6. Primary & Secondary School Education Management and Development Programme

- New Trend of Education in Globalization
- New Philosophy of Teaching and Learning
- Quality School Education Management
Primary and secondary school principal and teacher
7. University Education Management and Development Programme

- University Education
- Student Affairs Management
- Teaching and Learning Management
- Research Management
- Continual Education Management
University teacher, research fellow and administrative staff
8. Professional Legal Training Programme

- Society Integrity and Anti-corruption
- Business Law
- Copyright Law
- Legal Practical Analysis of Reorganization
- Mediation and Arbitration
Government civil servant, Ministry of Justice staff, legal profession and corporate legal officer
9. Medical and Community Health Management Programme

- Hospital Services Management
- Public Health Management and Emergency Measure
- Forensic Science
Hospital staff and community health management staff
10. University Student Exchange Programme

- Business Immersion and Training
- Academic Lecture and Exchange
- Innovation and Leadership
- Language and Communication Skills Enhancement
- Career Advice and Training
Undergraduate and postgraduate student