Organizing Lectures or Seminars
in Mainland Institutions

K. C. Wong Education Foundation has been committed to strengthening academic exchange amongst institutions in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Visitorship is offered by the Fund for one scholar to give lectures or seminars in any academic institution in Mainland China every year. Each of the institutions in Hong Kong is welcome to recommend one application.


7 to 15 days


Category of Scholars Daily Allowance (HKD) Return Passage &
Transportation (HKD)
Scholars from Hong Kong & Macau $900 $5000 (One-off)
Academicians of Chinese Academy of
Sciences or Engineering
$1100 $5000 (One-off)
Remark 1: Scholars will not be subsidized additionally for several visits between Mainland China and Hong Kong & Macau.
Remark 2: If the duration of lectures or seminars exceeds 15 days, scholars should negotiate the additional cost with the host institution.


  • Associate Professor or above
  • 65 years old or under


Application should be submitted to China Affairs Office (9/F, Knowles Building). Please refer to the following link for details:


February 2, 2018


Please contact China Affairs Office by email at or by phone at (852) 2859 1167.