New Magazine in Town: Most《100毛》

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There’s a new magazine in town! Brought to us by the team who created Blackpaper (黑紙) — the $1 magazine, Most magazine (《100毛》) covers 100 of the week’s hottest topics in 100-500 word columns. In this day and age where news and information disseminate through Facebook newsfeed, tweets, weibos and other technological bites of the WWW, a magazine like Most definitely keeps up with the pace and trends of busy HKers.

I’ve often heard Hong Kong being criticized as a culturally stagnant or creatively inert society and even in instances of creativity, the quality of thought and production is often criticized as too distasteful and  tawdry to be on par with its like. This first issue of Most definitely proves that creativity is far from dead in HK — from the vision of the magazine to its inner pages, Most observes and comments locally and globally in a voice refreshing and reflective of our society today — this first issue includes Candy Crush statistics, tips on how to cheat “like”s on Facebook, a feature reminiscing and anticipating the past and future of HK’s music scene and more! It’s probably suitable for most ages, but I think that the post-80s and post-90s generation will definitely find pieces of themselves in this magazine more so than others.

Out every Thursday, grab yourself a $10 copy at the nearest convenience store! Unfortunately, it’s only available in Chinese, but for those of you who can’t read Chinese, get your friends who can to translate it for you– most topics will echo with everyone, Chinese-reading HKer or not!

Start reading and let me know what you think, I’m almost done with mine~

Most《100毛》 is on Facebook, Twitter & Weibo.



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