10 Signs it’s the Last Month Before School Starts

August 08, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

  1. You realize that summer is ending, the new school year is about to start…and you force yourself to check when school starts (it’s September 1st guys).

  1. You start thinking of how fast summer went by and try to think of what you did this summer but only remember sleeping…

  1. You recall the exciting memories you made in summer travelling around.

  1. But then you start missing your friends who have been away all summer and realize you’re gonna see them very soon!

  1. You realize online course registration is right around the corner and you have to get your life together.

  1. For incoming first years: Hello HKU – it’s me, I’m coming for you! Finally, high school is over ugh.

  1. For second years: You have no idea what to choose for your major/second major/minor. #confused

  1. For third years: Halfway through university! Woop!

  1. For final years: The sad moment when you realize you have to go job hunting and stop Pokemon hunting. *tears*

  1. For everyone, another year is upon us! Let’s make 2016/2017 an unforgettable one.