10 Signs you’re from the HKU Faculty of Business and Economics (FBE)

March 03, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

by Pinto (Pipin) Tasdyata

  1. You have a mini heart-attack when your Trial Balance doesn’t balance and start frantically reaching for your CASIO Fx-50FH #ACCT1101

  1. Most of your lunch breaks consists of Ebeneezer food

  1. You refer to CYM as “building with waffles/waffle building/waffle smelling building”


  1. You avoid long lines for the lift and tardiness for tutorials by taking the lift down to LG2 even though you’re going upstairs #sorrynotsorry



  1. You shed a tear after clicking “Submit Answer” in an ECON 1012 sapling question and it shows up as that red “Incorrect Answer”


  1. Your group mates remind you on Whatsapp at 11:55pm like: “Don’t forget to book Discussion Room XX in Main Library tonight midnight!!”


  1. You finally get your hands on that BA/BEA Welfare package after committing 30 minutes queuing


  1. You become an Olympic sprinter when it comes to running between classes from KKL and Centennial Campus (which you can do in less than 10 minutes)


  1. You have to wear formal attire the entire day just for that afternoon group presentation #justFBEthings #whyiseveryonelookingatme


  1. You love meeting someone who turns out to be in the Faculty of Business and Economics because they understand your everyday struggles #KKLalldayeveryday