100% Vegetarian Restaurant

March 22, 2012 / by / 2 Comments

Before I went to this restaurant, I had no idea that vegetarian food can be presented in such a different and creative way!

On Tuesday, I went to a this restaurant called Veggie SF located at 10/F of Stanley 11, No. 11 Stanley Street, Central; somewhere near to LKF (just the junction right opposite to “Cotton On”). As it is my first time to this restaurant, I m kinda excited about it. Once I stepped out from the lift, I was amazed by the settings in the restaurant. There is no front door or reception like others and guess what? It is decorated in a mixed theme of 50′s and San Francisco.

When you look around the restaurant, you will find a lot of interesting antiques collection including board games, typewriter, table fan, advert and so on from the olden days where you may not seen before.

Some of the antiques collection in the restaurant.

Although the choices of food that they serve are quite limited, it includes cuisine from Taiwan, Vietnam, Japan, Italy and others. The menu will be changed from time to time in order to provide different varieties. The most interesting part is the way they named them. Can you think of what food will have name like ‘I am fabulous’ ? Here the answer!!!

'I am fabulous' - a burger with choices of organic beetroot pate or grilled portobello & sweet pineapple or crispy black pepper soy patty

They also serve ‘Union Square’ which is a organic lagsana; ‘Sashimi 101′ which is a vege sushi rice with tempura; ‘Oakland Breeze’ which is a Vietnamese style vermicelli and others. Of course, they do serve appetizers , beverage and dessert as well.

Dessert-Truffle Chocolate Cake

If you are a pure vegetarian, I think this will be an ideal place for you!! While if you are not, you can give it a try!!