3 important facts you need to know about the HKU Student Ambassador Scheme

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3 important facts you need to know about the HKU Student Ambassador Scheme



Quoting from the official website: “The HKU Student Ambassador (SA) scheme was initiated in 2005. Student Ambassadors represent the university at official events promoting the spirit, pride and traditions of HKU”. The Scheme is overseen by the Admissions and Academic Liaison Section.

But you may ask, what exactly are student ambassadors expected to do and why should I join?

Here’s what you need to know about the HKU SA scheme:

 15138406_10154688200172645_4763749353632346054_o Superpass Dinner 2016

#1 Activities –Information Day…and what else?

“As an SA, you are given a pool of unique opportunities and even some once-in-a-lifetime experiences which you won’t want to miss”.

The biggest event of the year (in terms of the number of SA involved) is probably the HKU Information Day, normally held in October/ November. If you were on campus (either as a visitor or a student helper) on 29 Oct, you would have missed our Student Ambassadors, who were all looking smart and energetic in the bright yellow t-shirts. A large number of SAs were involved in preparing for and helping out on the actual day, duties ranging from packing souvenirs to answering enquiries and sharing their university life with visitors at the information counters.

In addition to the Information Day, SAs are also welcomed to sign up for a wide range of activities, including but not limited to:

-        School visits

-        Campus tours

-        Orientation for new students

-        Other activities (e.g. programmes for high school students, competitions, ceremonies, overseas conferences)

(P.S. I was super lucky to be selected as one of the two SAs to represent HKU in the U21 Student Leaders’ Meeting at UConn (USA) in April 2016. This opportunity was only opened to SAs!)

Extra talent?

If you would like to showcase your talents, be it graphic design, video making/ editing, public speaking, the SA scheme also is a great platform for you to do so.

 14855991_10154610089692645_398505771026348262_o Information Day 2016

15032219_10154113927347685_8978089050068326968_n Local SAs @ University Fair 

#2 Who can join –only local students?

“A truly globalized community, allowing you to meet and make friends from all nationalities and faculties”.

The SA Scheme welcomes all students and there is no preference for local students. In fact, the Scheme is divided into 3 streams: local, mainland and international. There is a separate intake quota for each stream.

Local SAs will be given priority for local school students as they are more familiar with the local curriculum and admission procedures. On the other hand, mainland and international SAs will have chances to take part in other exclusive activities (e.g. sharing at their alma mater).

13668873_1651679051719395_3513710104763406952_o Inauguration Ceremony

#3 Perks –an unpaid job?

-        Being recognized as a representative of HKU

-        Experience HKU and Hong Kong traditions

-        Enjoy many networking opportunities and mingle with students from around the world

-        Develop public speaking and interpersonal skills

-        Participate in extensive trainings and rewarding activities

Apart from what has been listed on the website, there is actually much more you can get from the SA Scheme

-        Exclusive opportunities (e.g. to take part in Nike Training Club at HKU)

-        Social activities (e.g. Superpass dinner, tram party)

-        FREE Cultural trip for the top SAs (i.e. SAs who have received the most number of bonus points through participation in various activities)

And of course, friendships that last for a lifetime.

(P.S. You may even get a job at the Admissions and Academic Liaison Section! No kidding. Charles and Edwin, who are now full-time staff at AAL, were once SAs when they were undergraduate students at HKU. )

 13350504_10154191685497645_1724776799782756082_o Cultural Trip 2016 to Malaysia

14316872_1668233530063947_2848588945149402958_n Sweaty NTC Monday

Last words…

Interested in joining?

The application for the HKU Student Ambassador Scheme 2016-17 has ended. But stay tuned for the next round of recruitment!

For the time being, go “like” the HKU SA Facebook page  to make sure that we can keep you posted about our upcoming activities.

Looking forward to have you onboard!


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