5 Interesting Things To Do at HKU

Top 5 – Interesting Things To Do While You Grow Old at HKU

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I’m not sure if you’ve heard of the standard “5 Must Dos of HKU” when you joined this beautiful institution. If you haven’t… Here they are:

1.     Studying

woooooooooooooo….. that’s new!

2.     Experiencing Hall Life

Walking on egg shells here… Nevertheless if you want the “full experience”, go for it!

3.     Taking up a part-time job

Anything for some cha-ching cha-ching, something which I constantly lack…

4.     Become an “Executive Committee Member” of some kind of society

This list just gets better and better… this just screams spontaneous fun.

(If unsure about what this whole “executive committee member” thing is… Please be patient and wait for us bloggers to familiarise ourselves with our bureaucratic governance system. We will report back with a guide to understanding HKU shortly.)

5.     Go date someone



(from: http://popreserve.tumblr.com/post/77047577672)

Considering that this is the “standard” list and how the list is… a little more conceptual… I’m going to propose things that may be a tad more relevant to your everyday life at HKU, especially when you’ve got some time to spare!

1.     Visit the AV Collection in our Main Library

Take a long-needed break from studying There are film gems in there mixed with old school TV sets to give you just the right blend of retro-esque flavour and 1990s 480p (maybe higher, subject to TV set chosen) viewing glamour. By film gems, I mean the effortlessly elegant black and white movies, from romance classics, such as ‘Casablanca’ and ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’, to the beautifully directed thrillers of Hitchcock. If black and white is not your thing, keep calm and carry on watching some of the 21st century’s greatest flicks! If not, doze off to some of the world’s most beautifully composed pieces.

Given the not-too-cosy viewing booths, our thoughtful library has provided us with the option of borrowing out these exquisite resources. Depending on the demand, lending periods range from 2 hours to 7 days.

Link to our library’s collection: https://lib.hku.hk/av/collections.html

2.     Stay On Top of Your Game!

A crucial factor, before going on the relentless pursuit of the standard “5 must dos”, is maintaining your health. As cheesy as it sounds… it has been scientifically-proven that exercise helps take the edge off and also socially-proven that it is, apparently, awfully attractive.

Once again, our caring institution, through the ‘Institute of Human Performance’ (dear humans from our not so distant Flora Ho Sports Center and Stanley Ho Sports Center), has offered us a bunch of interesting bound-to-make-you-sweat courses. Action-packed courses range from Muay Thai Boxing for men and women to Krav Maga (Self-Defence system developed by the Israel Military, FIERCE!) to Katniss Everdeen-badassery Archery.  On the other end of the spectrum, we have some stretchy yoga and serene golf.

If your schedule finds the certain set time periods too demanding, our resource rich school has managed to sacrifice a couple of classrooms for a gym in the new Centennial Campus, so that you could squeeze in a short gym sesh when necessary. It’s a little mysterious (took me months to find out where this magnificent gym actually is) but the spaciousness surrounding the gym makes up for it, with views of the rooftop garden and distant far away mystical lands. It’s on the 3rd floor of the Jockey Club Tower, at the end of the corridor with the large computer rooms.

Sign-Up ASAP for the IHP courses! Some of the courses are getting filled up!

Link to Courses Offered: http://hkuems1.hku.hk/hkuems/ec_ShowDepartmentalEvent.aspx?EOID=113&guest=Y

3.     Pack in some knowledge with the General Education Unit

I think our General Education Unit is not getting the recognition it deserves. This beautifully thought out program offers students activities that serve to allow us to reflect on those who are vulnerable, like the farmers in caught in the midst of an exploding society, to inspire, like public forums on future development in social and cultural contexts, to empower, like creative workshops to grasp those endless possibilities. GE never fails in having a star-studded roster to host all the brilliant programs (I’d say… your getting your moneys worth… that is… if you even have to pay!) Likewise, most GE programs are received with a large turnout. Who knows… your soul mate might just be around the corner because the ugly truth is lonely people like me (and maybe only me) are just dying to be swept off our feet.

Don’t let their beautifully crafted pamphlets go to waste (some of which doubles as a monthly journal by the way… or even a nice little wall decoration)! Grab one from the GE stands or GE helpers that are constantly handing them out around campus.

More Info on the programs offered by the General Education Unit: http://beta.gened.hku.hk

4.     CEDARS is actually quite awesome because:

·    CEDARS wants to help you build your future! The CEDARS office houses brilliant guidance counselors that can help you with landing a job (from small-   time tutoring to working for big shot big four firms)!

·    CEDARS cares about your love life! Speed dating events are always being hosted on campus! Watch out for their e-mails! … and YES! For the LGBT community too!

·    CEDARS is dedicated to enriching all your senses! Food tasting/sharing and wine tasting events are always highlights on CEDARS’ calendar!

·    CEDARS is all for our society! Spend your weekends volunteering around Hong Kong with a couple of your mates! Volunteering activities are occasionally organised in cohesion with some of the faculties (e.g. With the Faculty of Architecture, taking students to a nearby village to paint their roofs) TIME WELL SPENT!

·    CEDARS encourages new ideas! Funds (in the form of $$$) are offered to students who propose awesome ideas for the HKU student body! GO GET’EM!

CEDARS! http://cedars.hku.hk

5.      Keep an eye out for the International Office/Global Lounge!

The International Office aims to give you a piece of home wherever you’re from! Culture nights are held at the homey global lounge  to feed you with free food, to provide a platform for sharing cultural experiences. The Global Lounge is home to a series of great events (often with complimentary booze) every month organised by student societies and the international office. Also, the wonderfully understanding Global Lounge has made the smart choice of luring the one and only Pacific Coffee (who make better lattes in my opinion) within a 1KM radius. Last, hKUDOS is brought to you by the International Office, so we have them to thank for my super fun and exciting list.

Information about events and activities are posted right outside the Global Lounge (G/F of the Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Center, right next to Swire). If you feel over-reliant on technology… http://www.als.hku.hk/globallounge/index.php or “LIKE” the Global Lounge Facebook page for regular updates.

They actually have an event coming up! It’s Malaysian Night this Friday! Go cheek it out.

We have come to an end of my brilliant list. I hope… you’ll enjoy some of the things I’ve suggested, but don’t forget that there are an infinite number of things happening around campus. I am no expert at HKU so I’m sure there are things that are things that you will find amazingly entertaining.

Don’t be afraid to talk the intellectual, wonderful, way-better-informed-than-I-am HKU fellow human peers around you.

Last but not least, don’t forget to check out the other “Top 5s” by my fellow blogger humans. The hKUDOS team is hellbent on making your stay a tad more interesting.