#lifestyle 5 reasons to start dip pen calligraphy

July 13, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

Here are 5 reasons to start dip pen calligraphy:

#1 Inexpensive

As a beginner, all you need will be:

- A holder

- A nib

- Ink

- Paper

You can get all these for less than $150. There are not a lot of shops selling calligraphy supplies in Hong Kong so it did take me a while to google where I can stock up. I visit a small shop in Causeway Bay for most of my nibs, ink and paper.

There are a lot of online resources so you can easily save money on books. I often refer to blog posts on “The Postman’s Knock” ( Instagram is also a source of inspiration.


#2 De-stress

Practising calligraphy can be highly addictive. On certain days (esp. during a busy period), I would find myself sitting by the table practising calligraphy for a few hours without noticing time pass. As I concentrate on the repetitive up and down movements of my nib, I am able to temporarily detach myself from the real world and enjoy the moment of calm and peace.



#3 Satisfaction

Some people may pick up calligraphy at a quicker pace, but the general rule is still “practice makes perfect”. In other words, the more you practice, the more in control you are and the prettier you write. It gives me great sense of satisfaction to see myself improve gradually (and also to see people “like” my calligraphy posts on Facebook).



#4 Decorate your cards, invitations, envelops with calligraphy

Too busy to shop? With just a pen and some coloured paper, I can now create a unique birthday card for my best friend with calligraphy. I can also personalize party invitations, envelopes, wedding place cards and decorate schedule book covers. Like-no-other, beautiful and economical!


#5 Conversation starter

Once in a while, I would bring my writing supplies with me and spend a relaxing afternoon in a café sipping coffee and practicing calligraphy. This tends to attract attention from people around and enables me to start small talks with them. In one such instance, I met two tourists from Germany and we started a conversation on the places to visit in Hong Kong.