5 Weird things to do at UC Santa Cruz

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Okay, weird is relative. But it’s hard not to find this list of things un-weird, so I will consent to brand it as such.  I trust you will agree that these are indeed five things that might sound absurd.  Friends, please accept this list of five abnormal activities that I never expected to partake in whilst overseas. HKU, can you handle the awesomeness that is UC Santa Cruz?

1. Lounge in the dorms and not leave for 5 days.

Yes, I split the ocean in half and crossed it, just to stay shut up in my vile little nest. It’s a communal nest, though, and full of enough interesting people that one might never feel need to leave it. For the past four months, I’ve spent a lot of time sitting here in a little student village called the ILC, talking to people. The result was that I had my mind blown over many new topics fresh to my noggin. In my case as an Ecology & Biodiversity major, I began grappling with realms previously unknown to me such as astronomy, quantum physics, relativity,  American politics, world history and religion.  They all are the same thing, though (only Ecology is special).

Engage in quasi-intellectual conversations about intellectual things with quasi-nonintellectual people.  Knowledge is a gift and a curse, but the more you know the better, no? After all, you’re in a foreign country.

2. Meditate in the forest.

Nothing more to be said about this one. I became weird by my own standards.  Point here is, don’t be afraid to try strange things. ‘W0t M8?’ is not the answer to every new thing life offers you. Be a Yes Man! In the process you might to befriend a millipede that jovially trundles up to you in the forest whilst you are sitting cross-legged. You might even decide to kidnap it from its home and keep it as a pet.

3. Chase an injured seagull around the beach as it trips over its wing.

Actually, this one is less weird than it sounds. One day at Natural Bridges state beach, a young seagull with a badly broken and twisted wing was spotted by some beach goers.  What ensued was half an hour spent chasing it around the rocks before we managed to corral it against the cliff face. One brave man then managed to sooth the poor, frightened creature into being picked up and driven to a rescue center.  This one was impossible to capture on roll, sadly. Please accept this picture of its seagull friend instead.

Going to the beach every day is my enactment of a free spirit lifestyle, I guess. And with all the opportunities that the exchange life affords you, you’d be a criminal to rob yourself of the opportunity to relax and catch some sun!

4. Follow some deer around the football pitch.

A picture saves a thousand words.

5.  Sit in a hut made of twigs.

OK, I lied a little bit. Technically these are not twigs, but still – twig huts definitely aren’t an available commodity at most universities.

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