A Heartfelt Letter of Thanks To Disney-Pixar

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Dear Disney-Pixar,


In the world of creative industry where the motto is to milk the fad till it resembles Voldemort’s failed rhinoplasty, you sir has been a beacon of inspiration and hope for young adults like me who hope to one day join the animation industry, a laborious yet fruitful journey that resembles Tolkien’s epic sagas. In this letter of appreciation of your works, I could list on about all the movies I have watched from you but that would mean this post will be a literary torture, and I realisation from me that this relationship I have with you is quite unhealthy, so I will keep it to those I have watched post-puberty as defined by general standards (My mom thinks I am still on the way).


Brave (2012)




One thing I have recently learned about “Brave” was that this was supposed to your redemption to the “Sequel-That-Must-Not-Be-Named” and lots of preparations were done behind it to bring back your prestige as critic’s darling. As much as I loved the mother-daughter bond so affectionately displayed, “Brave” always seemed so lacking compared to other Pixar films not because it was a bad film but it was not a great film in vein of your other works. Upon second viewing, the comparison between “Finding Nemo” and “Brave” was inevitable, and not in a good way, as the problem of “Brave” was that it was too predictable. Nemo was entertaining because you never know where you will end up next, (Had a hyper speed turtle tunnel been thought by anyone?) but “Brave” was too busy trying to get that Oscar by tearing up people’s tear duct ,though not very effectively as not many people is a mom with a pre-pubescent daughter who is arguing with you cause you are trying to marry her off to some underage highlander country bumpkin with greasy hair and ghastly disenchanting teeth. (✭✭✭)


Frozen (2013)



Thank you for proving to my parents that the life of an animator does not entail starvation and painful death caused by diseases too horrifying for human languages to bear! From a platinum-certified sing-a-long in USA to the best selling Blu-Ray of all time in Japan, “Frozen” really snatched that I-have-a-daughter-aged-under-eleven-who-wants-to-be-a-princess demographics to significantly boost your asset, more than enough to repaint Disneylands all over the globe with gold and even more gold! Monetary successes aside, “Frozen” was the most talked about social phenomenon that straddled on the extremes of all sides of major social contentions: religion, homosexuality, feminism, class and talking objects (Is it black magic or white magic?). Plot wise, “Frozen” played safe to the point of boredom, if the singing got removed, but who am I to judge when the humanity got the bop of the century from the movie, “Let It Go”? (✭✭✭✭)


Big Hero 6 (2014)



You have really made a comeback with this one! Big Hero 6 was the freshest Disney movie I had seen in a long time. Set in a surrounding that was both local and foreign depending on where the viewer live and combining both the east and the west, I sincerely love this movie. There was more to it than just being a Disney superhero movie; if “The Incredibles” was about parents-children relationships and a celebration of life, Big Hero 6 was about brotherly relations and an acceptance of death. It was deep like a pre-moe anime, not afraid to confront death, but handled expertly under your experience and adaptations, making it more accessible, a solid movie! (✭✭✭✭✭)


Inside Out (2015)



I have always felt that the secret behind your success was your ability to truly think outside the box and “Inside Out” is probably the best example so far. How can anyone think of making a movie about emotions! Most filmmakers will draw out some gritty, psycho-drama about conflicting personalities when it comes to dealing with such topics but “Inside Out” showed you do not need blood or drama to make your point in a film. It was the most adult film of 2015 disguised as a “children’s film” and it probably means and relates more to adults than children, who probably understand the film better. Inside was a masterpiece and I will personally track down anybody who disagrees, forces them to watch two-day rotation of “Cars 2″ (Oops, I have said the name) not with popcorn but with diarrhoea-inducing jelly bears and finally play “Inside Out” to make them realise what a brilliant film it was. (✭✭✭✭✭)


Zootopia (2016)



Zootopia has got to be the best animated feature film of this year. I cannot remember the last time a movie genuinely made me laugh and cry ,and at the same time, think. Zootopia embodied what a great Disney-Pixar film is, an extremely entertaining body under a cute exterior with a subtle yet deeply thought-provoking interior. We live in an unfair world but that does not mean we cannot do anything about it. I love Zootopia because it has made me a stronger person even though I have just merely watched it. That is why I admire so much about you, you inspire people through your works, despite occasional “derailments”, and that is why one day I hope to wake up grudging that I have to go to work in Burbank, California, Walt Disney Animation Studio, to create works of my own that will set to kindle the new generations to think profoundly while laughing effortlessly, motivating them as you have motivated me. (✭✭✭✭✭)


PS: I really appreciate that you put the earbuds in Officer Hopps’ ears correctly!