A warm hello to a cold Hong Kong! – from Jono Mac

March 21, 2012 / by / 2 Comments

I think there is no better way to start my first blog post, than with a confession.  I am an exchange student from Melbourne, Australia who arrived back in August 2011. Originally, I intended to stay for only a semester, but after an inspiring first few months, there was just no other way… I had to extend my experience abroad for another semester.  And boy, was it worth it!

Most people refer to me as ‘Jono Mac’, but to clear any confusion, my full name is Jonathan Mackojc.  Call me what you wish, I really don’t mind.  The funny thing is, I always thought ‘Jono’ was a simple enough name.  That is, until I began purchasing food at Starbucks @ HKU.  Somehow, I’ve had John, Joni, Jeni, Jano, and plenty more that would still make you laugh.  It was only today, that I finally managed to get a ‘Jono’ on my Starbucks Frapp.  And I am sure I’m not the only one…

In my spare time, I love to blog.  It is pretty much exactly one year ago that I started to blog a little more seriously under the name ‘Aussie-Traveller.com’.  There I share my travel experiences and photographs that accompany them.  That leads to my other interests.  I LOVE photography.  I started at a very young age, and still keep the hobby to this day.  If you’ve never really taken it seriously, I encourage you to give it more of a go.  It’s a great way to escape the troubles of ‘reality’ and dive into a World of creativity, imagination and relaxation.  If you ever want any pointers or want to go out on a photo-taking trip, feel free to let me know.  

My only wish that remains:  warmer weather and sunny skies!  

My time at HKU has been amazing and it has been quite hard to express how much I’ve enjoyed the experience.   I am extremely grateful to those that have shared some wonderful memories along the way, and made my life in Hong Kong more enjoyable!  Having said that, Hong Kong has so much to do, so much to see AND so much to eat!  It’s just finding the time to do all of this that has proven difficult.  I’m sure you can all relate.

So, that’s my brief intro.  I look forward to writing many more posts on hKUDOS and am very excited to be part of the blogging team!  Stay tuned for some posts about my experiences as an early tourist, student and the later feeling of almost calling Hong Kong home!  In the meantime, it’d be great to hear from you all, feel free to get in touch.  With social media at your fingertips, I’m sure that won’t prove to be too difficult…