Angelo’s HKU Mixer: Just $38 for a Fantastic Pizza Galore!

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Angelo’s Pizza recently opened about a couple of months ago and they kick-started their business with a really attractive promotion. For $38 per head, you get a pizza and gelato buffet from 4pm-7pm every Thursday! How’s that for awesome? This promotion is called the HKU Mixer and its now super popular among HKU students. I went there for tea-dinner today and it was really crowded. They even had a live band performance throughout the entire session. It was great. I bumped into a lot of friends there. Guess that’s the good reason why it’s called HKU Mixer.


Yes, the pizza looks awesome but I have a few words on the quality. Its not as fantastic as it looks but well, you can’t expect much from paying just $38 for a pizza buffet. That’s dirt cheap already. All the food served did not match up to its expectations. They look good and they taste fine, but don’t expect too much. In a slice of pizza you’d probably get only cheese, tomato puree and one small piece of meat-looking thing (either pepperoni, some sausage, mushroom something else depending on the type of pizza).


The gelato however is not bad. There are a nice range of flavours. From what I remember they have vanilla, rocky mountain, cookie dough, pistacchio, chocolate marshmallow, butter pecan, chocolate typhoon, rum-and-raisin, tiramisu, and a wide array of other chocolate-ey flavours. I particularly enjoyed the cookie dough and rum-and-raisin. Also, the normal price for a single scoop of gelato on a regular day is about $28. So if you can just have two scoops of gelato during your buffet, you’ll have covered the “cost” already. By the way, apparently the gelato is freshly made every day! Hmmm~


So again, if you’re not having alcoholic beverages, you’ll only have to pay $38 to eat all you want, and you’ll then receive a red-coloured wrist tag. If you want free flow of draft beer, you’d have to pay a little bit more and you’ll get a blue-coloured wrist tag. For more information, you can check out their facebook page or their website for more details.


Shop F, G/F,
1 Belcher’s Street,
Kennedy Town,
Hong Kong

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