Being an Architecture Student

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After becoming a legitimate architecture student for slightly more than a month, I’m starting to realise how architecture students are always deprived of sleep and money…

  1. 1) I can’t be more familiar with the Starbucks menu. I’ve tried frappuccinos, coffees, salad wraps, yogurts, hot food, even the Beef Cassero they rolled out just a week ago, and I’m easing towards the expresso end of the sprectrum. The fact that Starbucks is literally steps away from Knowles Building makes it almost too easy for deadline fighters to slip out for a quick lunch. A 40% discount for students might be tempting but you’ll spend more than you think you will on coffee beans!
  2. 2) In my opinion, material cost should be covered in our school bills because students simply can’t afford it (with or without a part time job)! Paying a visit to Yan Ngai (the only material store nearby) will cost you more than a fancy lunch and like many of my mates, wallets are drying up really quickly as we need to install basswood sticks and grey cardboards and razor blades. Before I know it, I’m cutting back on meals, taxi rides and shopping. Great sacrifices being made right there!
  3. 3) Studio has always been a place for competition and comparison. Our models and drawings are all laid out on our desks so people do keep checking on others to ‘calibrate’. I routinely do more work than my neighbours and they are obliged to think the same way so it has escalated into a vicious cycle which drives all of us crazy. People leave studio later and later at night until it gets to a point where they don’t leave at all. Luckily up to now, I still haven’t had the pleasure to watch the sun rise at studio (or how Cantonese people put it- “通頂”) but I have a feeling that things are yet to go real.
  4. 4) I feel that I’m already suffering from the design-student syndrome. Before I can enter a room or a building with an ease of mind I’m already thinking of all room layouts, ceiling décor and door placements. I’ve also become so design-conscious that it’s starting to annoy me. It gets to my nerves when I see people use Comic Sans in printed signage, or when people wear saggy pants. I also can’t walk past Central Library without commenting on its ugliness and pseudo Roman-styled façade (and yes, I start using fancy French terms like façade which means nothing different from the appearance of a building…)

Confessions aside, it’s been a bumpy but intriguing four weeks- the best part is to see my designs come to life and get live feedback from my beloved tutor (haha)/Late nights aren’t half bad with Yee Kee’s mango soup delivered at midnight to keep us alive/Another upside for architecture students- no exams for us!

Written by
Kachun Alex Wong
hKUDOS Guest Blogger