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Catherine Yu

Someone who used to be a child and wants to be a child forever. Keeping my mind light brings me heavy progress. I am a mainland girl who now studies Economics and Finance at HKU.


I pine for puns I never pen.

Coral Munot

we seldom forget that imagination gives birth to reality. Embrace your imagination to make it your reality.

Delia von Pflug

I enjoy swimming in the cold open sea, running through concrete jungles and real jungles, and practicing other ways to master my mind.

Heey Jin Kim

Writing about small me taking on the big world.

Holmes Chan

Law and literature student at HKU.

Jesse Serenade

An aspiring-to-be-published writer and poet. ENFP 4w3 if you are into typology. Moonchild. (I know horoscope is arbitrary, but I like the romantic sense of your life being coincidentally linked with a specific position of the otherwise far-fetched constellations.) I breathe Yoga. I feed on poetry and Jazz, mostly Pablo Neruda and Ella Fitzgerald. Oops that might be a lie because I occasionally sip life out of coffee and breathe soul out of chocolate or actually some fruit-flavored alcohol here and there... My spirit animal is Audrey Hepburn especially in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

Joy Pamnani

Born and raised in Hong Kong. Passionate about journalism and public speaking. Loves travel, dance and talk shows!

Mohith M Varma

Seemingly drifted away by the wayward wind, my stories find home.

Natasha Arora

A third year student at the University of Hong Kong, studying Politics and Public Administration, Psychology and Journalism. She loves to explore and lives for good food and music. To sum up: a major foodie, climate change advocate, and wannabe workaholic.

Nicole Chan

I'm a third year undergraduate majoring in Economics and Finance from Malaysia

Rebecca Wang

Freshman studying Biological Sciences and History. Former Texan (well still am in spirit) A Proud Hufflepuff!

Samaara Malhotra

Freshman studying at HKU, planning on pursuing a major in Psychology. Spends time avoiding cooking/ laundry/ doing the dishes, and all-round just wriggling out of responsibilities that come with adulthood.


#Freshman# #Science major but non-Science character# #Love dancing and observing the world# #New blogger in hKUDOS#

Vanessa Leigh

Uncovering hidden wonders, one day at a time

Yash Shukla

I am a 2nd Year undergraduate majoring in Biochemistry, aiming to unravel the secret of life. I love philosophy and debating.