Brace Yourselves! Finals Are Coming!

May 01, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Finals are coming in two weeks’ time! If you’re like me, you’re probably lying on the bed now, gazing at the ceiling, with a cup of hot chocolate on your bedside table…not because you’re done revising or you’re completely confident about how you’re gonna perform on your exams, but you realise the value of giving yourself a break from time to time, no matter whether you think you deserve it or not (because we always do).

That is not to say, we should procrastinate. I don’t think I can afford to procrastinate anymore seeing that I hardly have any time left to finish the readings piled up on my desk (and spread out across the floor). But I’ve always believed that no matter how busy we get, we should always do certain things in accordance to our priorities. And it’s always been my belief that a person’s well-being should be a top priority because, well, you’re the most important person in your life. Seeing that you’re, well, you, and without you, you probably cannot exist, right?

So the following is a list of de-stress tips I find useful, especially after a long day’s slaving away at a random coffee shop drinking espresso shots every two hours, which, sadly enough, is a daily occurrence.


I can’t stress the importance of sleep enough. Seriously. Sleep. Say no to all-nighters. There’s nothing cool in pulling that off since everyone can do it – it just takes persistence in depriving yourself of one of life’s essentials. Numerous studies have shown that sleep enhances your memory and can actually help you study better. Besides, people who don’t sleep as much are likely to get fatter and acne. Who wants all that when you’re already tearing your hair out at the exams coming for you? And sleep is a temporary escape from the hustle-bustle of daily life. Maybe you’ll even dream of something pleasant…like travelling the world, or whatever. So mark my words – get enough sleep!


I know people who move in the library right before finals week. And what they do is likened to hibernation except that they don’t actually sleep (well, sometimes, but that’s probably not their intention). What they do is work like machines and ignore their hunger. Even when they eat, they’re likely to just have some random crackers or a croissant from Starbucks or whatever. You know that you’re what you eat. If you don’t eat you literally become, well, nothing. And that’s true in both senses of the word. Your brain won’t function without food. And if you want quality work you’ll need quality food.


Laughing might seem like the last thing you can do when you’re totally stressed out by your exams, but, trust me, it works wonders. Make yourself laugh. Humour yourself. Smile! There you go. Smile till you’re really smiling, as if you really mean it. Because that’s what you need – a positive outlook. If you’re going to face your exams anyway, might as well be more optimistic about it because crying your eyes out will do nothing to help (unless you really need to take it out on something).


I think there are several periods in life where everyone is entitled to indulge – when your pet fish died, when you lost your smartphone, when you broke up with your girlfriend, whatever. Preparing for exams is definitely one of them. So…indulge! Indulge yourself after a long day’s work. God knows you deserved it. So go for the apple crumble tart or the blueberry cheesecake you’ve always wanted. This is the time to pamper yourself like you’re a princess.

Talk to your friends

Remember: everyone is going through hell like you are right now. So entrust them with your exam woes. You can complain and grieve together about your plight and suddenly you will feel a whole lot better. There’s magic to having a mutual support system and it’s always better to know that there are some people out there who love you just the way you are and are willing to listen to you no matter how many times you swear or cry or wail about your exams and how you feel like Doomsday is coming tomorrow.

What if something bad happens?

We all know life is like a box of chocolates, life is like a rollercoaster, life is unpredictable and all that. Bad things happen in life and – touchwood – if life chose to trip you over during this vulnerable period, do not panic. I repeat. Do not panic. It will be okay. You’re going to be fine. The fact that you’re reading this proves that you’re alive, and that means you WILL be fine no matter what has happened to you. Forgive and forget. Let it be, let it be. You know what? Everything will turn out okay. You just got to have faith. You just got to believe that good things will happen.

You will be fine when the time comes. Keep calm and study well for your finals. Here’s a good luck to everyone – remember to relax and don’t forget you’re a human being even when it’s exam time!