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Brief Notes on Humans of HKU

March 28, 2014 / by / 0 Comment

You know that feeling when you see pictures of people in magazines and read the captions and just have this feeling that these people are talking to you? What’s more, you know that feeling when you just meet new people and have conversations with them and you just feel so happy because you’re connecting with them and learning all the while?

Fascinating, isn’t it?

A few years ago, I started following a blog “Humans of New York” – yes, it is the famous photoblog where this guy, Brandon Staunton, goes around New York City, takes pictures of people in town and blog about them. I’ve always loved the concept – what you get in a blogpost is usually just a (very nice) picture and one or two quotes from them. In other words, you’re having only a tiny glimpse of their lives. Tiny this glimpse may be, I feel that I learn so much about them just from their facial expressions and quotes. This is the most compelling part of the blog, at least to me: it just feels so real because that’s honestly what happens in real life. You meet people every single day in your life, and perhaps it’s only for a quick second. After that fleeting encounter, you go separate paths and continue with your life. I love how the concept of Humans of New York really brings out the very human and emotional side of life. It’s amazing.

As I’ve mentioned, the idea of meeting new people fascinates me. Even though this person you meet might be from a very similar background as you are from, even the briefest conversations reveal so much more about them, let alone someone from a culture that is completely different as yours. I think one of the most important things we have to learn as a university student and as a person in general is not necessarily having to agree with the views of and the people we meet, but to be open, respectful and understanding of views, experiences and aspirations that are different from our own.

Having been a long time fan of HONY, I wanted to do something similar, but it wasn’t until I got into HKU that I had the conviction to actually do something. I’m glad I finally did. Since the start of school, I’ve been meeting so many people, and they all come from cultures and backgrounds that are so different from mine, so one day I thought – “Hey, why not bring HONY’s idea to HKU?”

So here it is, and here I am - Humans of HKU.

Meeting new people on campus, a picture a time.

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