Confession: Real Housewives Addict

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I am an 18 year old, who you can barely call a young adult, and yes, I am guilty of being a Real Housewives Addict, most prominently ‘The Real Housewives of New York’, with most ladies in the show hitting/hitted the big 5-0. My intention is not to promote the show or ‘Bravo’ in any way but I feel the need to confess my addiction.

I would label it as an addiction because the show is capable of making me drop everything that I may be doing or anything that’s on my mind. I resort to the Real Housewives franchise when my ordinary life was just a tad too overwhelming…

Gee, you overwhelming? Please…

Yes, you’re probably right again. But sadly there is this undeniably attractive and mystical allure to the Real Housewives franchise that, I have fallen to love, as would any other Real Housewives fan would admit. So for you all who find Real Housewives a little foreign… Here are 5 reasons why you should probably give the wonderful franchise a shot.

1. Most of them aren’t really “housewives” per se

Most people are probably throwing us Housewives watchers shade because the whole notion of watching a reality TV show about “housewives” does not sound appealing at all. THE TRUTH IS… like 1% of them are actually housewives, the rest are most probably divorced or single with insert number of children. They also have Duchesses and Princesses too. I’M NOT KIDDING. Most of them have some pretty interesting backgrounds to accompany themselves and to further add fuel to the fire.

This buzzfeed post explains how diverse the housewife community is…


2. Bravo is so dramatic that it creates half the drama itself!

Although the ladies all signs deals with Bravo with the show, but obviously the deal doesn’t quite specify that Bravo isn’t allowed to throw shade itself onto it’s ladies! Bravo never fails on capitalising on specific moments to haze their very own ladies. They have the tendency to bring up old episodes/footage to use it against each and every single housewife there is. Bravo is also very clever with it’s words as well…


3. You will finally understand all the gifs you see on tumblr/reddit

The real housewives franchise, hands down, creates the most gif-able moments than any other show. Hence, tumblr and reddit and all other gif-using blogs are always flooded with the real housewives ladies! Watching the show contributes to your pop culture education. We all know that it’s the most important one out there.

4. The real housewives are just pure faboosh

Whether they’re going through divorce or 10 million lawsuits, the housewives really know how to balance the glitz and the glam, despite the fact that they might not even have a house to live in tomorrow. Nevertheless, we all secretly envy their faboosh lifestyles. When we go camping, they go glamping. For all you peasants, it means “glamorous camping”. Not to mention their never-ending flow of booze…

5. Carole Radziwill and Heather Thomson

These two are more “New York” specific but I must not refrain from praising these two goddesses that I absolutely adore. They are partly the reason as to why I continue to watch the New York franchise. The rest are meh… but my I get all jiggly whenever my girls come on. I’d gladly crown them sassboss. A couple of gifs to explain why…

Carole Radziwill:

Heather Thomson:

Need I explain more?