Day 1 of Conference

August 12, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

So, today we woke up at 7, and oddly, I wasn’t as tired as I thought it would be (probably because I’m from Vancouver, Canada, so yay for jet lag wooo), then we brushed our teeth, got dressed and went down for breakfast. I have to say, the food was pretty good. And there was also milk tea, which was awesome.

After, we had our opening ceremony. It was great hearing all the different cheers the groups came up with, but let’s be honest: group H was the real winner, I mean, our cheer was so poetic and inspiring. Also, a huge congrats to the people who got scholarships!
Our first speaker, Clive Lee, talked about social entrepreneurship and how social media could bring change to the world. I personally agree with how social media could help make change be more possible, because it connects a lot of people together, which makes it easier to spread ideas around. He then presented a challenge of an elevator pitch, were we have to to present an idea to Bill Gates that will change the world in 3 minutes. That was really difficult for me and I came up with nothing. When he asked someone to volunteer, a girl went up and actually criticized his question. I thought it was really interesting: instead of answering, she’s criticizing. But after, when we got into our GAT groups, we discussed how if everyone thought like that; if everyone thought it was impossible to do that, how would change actually happen? There has to be that one person who is willing to step up and make the change.

My next speaker was Clement Chung, who talked about investment bankers vs. artists. The first question he asked was if those two jobs were the only jobs available, which would we choose and why. This is a pretty hard decision, because investment bankers earn more money than artists, but personally, I like art better. We then discussed what makes a “good” artist, the differences between them, and how social media affects both. I thought it was pretty thought provoking, because we will have to make these decisions in the near future.

Next, I had Donald Chan, who talked about online and offline shopping. He presented a number of apps that would advertise or give coupons online, and as a result, will make us go to the stores and purchase the items offline. I thought the apps were super cool, but were a bit irrelevant to me, since a lot of people (including me) still go to malls and buy products offline in Vancouver.

After, we had dinner, and then went to the peak. I’ve been there before, so I know what to expect. We took some photos of Hong Kong at night (it is GORGEOUS at night), chilled, and overall it was fun. I was really tired by then and was falling asleep (again-jet lag…), so now I am here. Blogging. At 11:35 pm.

Let’s see what happens tomorrow!!


Chantane Yeung, Canada, Port Moody Secondary