Don’t Forget to Bring Your Voice to HKU (My First 120 Days at HKU)

April 23, 2015 / by / 0 Comment

Don’t forget to bring your voice to HKU
Your voice was born from the day you stepped foot in this planet.
You couldn’t control it at first; your voice wouldn’t come out most of the time,
Or it just came out uncontrollably loud.
But with the help of your nurturing surroundings, your voice grew.
All these years, your voice has shaped your experience;
It was there when mama scolded you because you neglected your homework.
It was there too when you won your first prize at school.
But you thought your voice couldn’t seem to fit in HKU –
You don’t like the way it trembles with your new friends,
As they stare intimidatingly at you.
So you change your voice into something so incredibly new,
So incredulously you,
Just for an ounce of acceptance in lifetime repentance.
So don’t forget to embrace your voice in HKU.
Your unique voice will echo through the campus’ corridor,
Bringing more colours to the diversity this university has longed for.
Your voice ushered you in HKU with your head held high,
It should follow you out too when a thankful HKU bid you goodbye.

- By Claudya