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Night of downtown funk with HKU music club

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Most HKU students are enjoying semester break, but it seems Music Club HKUSU couldn’t wait to get back to work.

On Saturday the club hosted a show titled “Lose Yourself to Groove”, featuring local bands Another Kitchen, Blaster, and Waterfunk. The organizers promised funky music for a laid-back day, and with its venue, MOM Livehousehidden in the basement of a North Point shopping centre, the show was a welcome escape from the summer heat.

The night started strong with Blaster, bringing an infectious energy that comes with their three-man guitar lineup. They will also appear at wow and flutter this coming weekend, and last night’s performance showcased them in fine form.

Next was Waterfunk, a relative newcomer that emerged from the university scene. They found their groove in more introspective numbers, like “曖昧遊戲”. Their songs about youth, “文藝復興” and “一人遊”, also connected well with listeners.

The show ended on a high note with Another Kitchen, a crowd-pleasing favourite with attractive vocals backed by slinky guitars. It was a tried and true set, starting with “示威”and ending with “Play Tonight”, but the audience didn’t seem to mind.

“Do you know why we’re called Another Kitchen?” asked Kimi, the band’s lead singer.

“When we first met, each of us was playing separately in different bands, so coming together was our way of 另起爐灶 — forming another kitchen,” said Kit, the band’s founder who was on bass, to much laughter.


Event posters at MOM Livehouse. (Photo by Holmes Chan)

The show drew a modest crowd, and was sometimes hampered by poor acoustics. Nevertheless, the bands were greeted with a warm (if less than lively) reception.

Following from their on-campus Indie Band Night in April, Music Club continues to introduce fresh local talent to HKU audiences. With the indie scene growing strong, their efforts are more timely than ever.

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