Eat my Cakes Please?

March 17, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Hello everyone, isn’t the weather lovely these days! It won’t be an exaggeration if I tell u guys that I’ve gotten tanned so much just in a week. I’ve been going to beaches almost every single days, running outside, cycling in new territories along the ocean, just chilling and enjoying my reading week. #lifeinhkisamazinglikethat

But eventually, I had to stop procrastinating and occasionally, I was on campus with piles of books to read and essays to write; on my way back to my room, both mentally and physically exhausted was when I realized that “I NEED SWEETS!” Today’s place is really close to HKU main campus, which is the perfect location to pick up a little sweet dessert after tiring studying time.

Walk right from the east gate towards Soho and walk down from the first street on your left, where you see Thaipad. Hop down these staircases till you see a lovely pink sign saying, “Eat My cakes!” It’s easy to pass by this small little cozy place but my purpose here is to introduce some cool hidden places, you better look up sometimes when you are walking down the road:p This little place sells breathtakingly delicious(I mean it) cakes, pies, chocolates, and cupcakes, which are THE HIGHLIGHTS here. So I’m gonna talk about cup cakes. A lot of people underestimate cup cakes as creams on top of muffins, disguised to look like cakes but they are making a huge mistake. It’s saying that they haven’t had a decent cup cake yet, which means they are missing out one of the greatest joy in life.


Even though I re-visited today around 5pm, almost all the cupcake stocks were out :( but it guarantees the taste, right? Ranging from Oreo, Lamington, Red Velvet, Carrot cakes and to all kinds of yummy flavours, Frosty butter creams and a soft bread under just melts in your mouth, comforting your exhausted heart and body. My best friend after my break up was cup cakes here, as they were telling me that “everything will be fine.” And they come with a fair price as well! $22 for all kinds! The pâtisserie didn’t bother using up her ingredients; unlike other shops where you want a little more, just a little more creams on top or inside, or little more cookie crumbs on top, trust me, you have ENOUGH cream both on top and inside. Oh boy, it just fills you up!


Apart from cupcakes, various range of cakes and other bakery are savoury as well. Doesn’t the picture just explain everything? Yep, I think it’ll worth more than thousand words from me. Oh by the way, I embarrassed myself today in front of “Eat my Cakes.” haha Since I had to take a lot of pictures for you guys and in doing that, I had to buy something so that I won’t feel sorry, which I always do. So I got a piece of Chocolate Lamington covered with coconut flakes. I was on my way out, having a bite of that creamy little baby, and there I shouted, “Yummmm!” Well, I had to. I couldn’t stop it. Next, I saw awkward gazes from passengers outside, wondering what’s going on. Woopsieeeee

Anyways, if you are up for some more sweetness in your life, here is a highly-recommended suggestion from me. You won’t regret it. Have a goooooood week and I’ll come back with something that’ll make you salivate more! xxx