Eat up SOHO for Lunch!

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FILL your week with multinational set Lunches in SOHO!

Hello guys and dolls, Hong Kong sun FINALLY came out after days of rains/rainstorms and it really was a perfect weather for tanning, picnic, and what not but unfortunately and very miserably, I was at work the entire day :) hahaha WHY SUNNY TODAY, HUH?

Anyways, I’m basically working as a part-time sales clerk in a designer goods’ shop called “Blackwood Magenta” selling pretty accessories and clothes to mostly expatriate customers. I do love handling customers and looking at pretty stuffs everyday (and sometimes my boss would give me unsold items as a gift) but the best part of my work would probably be Lunch at SOHO. Everyday on my way to work, my mind is already brainstorming or visualizing under the topic: What to have for Lunch today? I’m very much enjoying a variety of quality choices I have for Take-outs, deliveries, or even fast-meals at work.

Fish n Chips

Cream penne with mushroom and spinach, Mexican Pizza


Tomato cream Risotto with Seafood, Mixed Ham and Cheese platter

Pad Thai

Gluten-free, Wheat-free organic egg frittata

Diced salmon on vinegar rice with miso soup

SO, Picture-bomb is it and I’m not going to apologize for it. Pictures tend to explain way better than thousand words.

I’d dare to say that SOHO does not exist without set lunch. A lot of people must already know or heard about cool places to eat out in SOHO since there is a street-full of restaurants out there. All the restaurants offer a set lunch or Brunch menus during weekdays usually from 11-3pm for ridiculously low price. A single dish at dinner time would cost twice as much as the total set lunch price. At lunch, you can have a decent course meal for a price range of $75-135; a typical course meal would offer appetizer/salad/bread and then main menu(today’s pasta or pizza/fish/grills/chef’s recommendation) and a dessert.

I say don’t be afraid of SOHO and go out, in daytime.

Gracefully walk into a restaurant and order.

Just embrace it.

Embrace Hong Kong.