End of Sophomore Year

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Apologies for not being able to come up with a more interesting title, but here it is. Today is the last day of my sophomore year, and I can virtually see all the final year students rolling their eyes at the screen as they read this. I’m sure, your last day in this protective haven (though it has reared its ugly head every now and then, but we all secretly wish we could stay here forever and not have to brave the terrifying world that is society upon graduation) is much more meaningful/scary/emotional/mentionable than my last day as a sophomore, but… I’m writing this, not you. So be nice.

Now. It’s. Friday. This is no regular Friday. This is, for many, a gift of life as we end this hell of a week. Aaaahhhh (interpret this as you wish, be it a scream of joy, a sigh of relief, or a cry of depression as finals loom because it’s a mixture of all three for me). From this moment on, all I have left is revision. I never thought studying would sound fun. But when you’ve had so many other things to attend to, studying actually sounds like less work. And during this day, whether you’re out partying or in the library cramming (I’m on the third floor, come say Hi. It’s interestingly empty tonight, don’t ya’ll think?), a lot of us usually do some repenting, regretting, admiring as we think back on what we have accomplished (or failed to) over the year.

What have I accomplished this year?

Now I may need a couple of seconds to list out all the courses I had this year (and I underloaded) but let’s put the academics aside for just one second.

Beyond the lecture hall, or the lab, or anywhere else you had your classes (lucky you), there are some things I have had the fortune to experience this year.

Here’s what I’ve done (or neglected to do) over the year.

1. On a spur of the moment (where you don’t even think about how much you’ll regret this decision in the future), I joined the HKUSU Sport Climbing Team (fingers crossed none of my teammates see this except for Coco) and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. It probably sounds like I’m exaggerating, and getting all emotional, but to be in a school sports team is quite an honour for me, especially when I almost failed P.E every year back in high school (and it’s really not easy to fail P.E in my school).

My teammates have put up with my atrocious Cantonese (though they’ve mocked me fairly frequently); I’ve participated in a really cool climbing competition in Mainland Guangzhou during Reading Week and had extremely hot guys from Sichuan come up and say I look “obedient” (trust me, it doesn’t sound as insulting in Mandarin); became the Vice Chairman of the Sport Climbing Club (you know those mass emails you get from us? Yea, that’s me), recently participated in the annual Cheung Bau San competition in Cheung Chau and it’s my fault we lost so miserably because I was the slowest climber but my teammates never said a word bless their souls; and last but not least, am this close (spreads arms wide) to doing my first pull-up.

But yes, though they probably don’t know, the sport and my teammates have become a very large part of my life. And I hope things will stay this way next year as well.

2. I joined hKUDOS!! Now the hKUDOS Facebook Page may say 500++ people viewed my blog post but we all know you guys don’t really click in to read the entire article, you just come across it whilst scrolling down your newsfeed. But, for the few who have actually taken the time to read my writing, I am very very touched. And because I am a loner, please do say Hi to me on campus (if you recognize me) because the littlest gestures can go a long way in someone’s life (mine). =)

3. I was part of my Block’s Student Committee! Hosting our first High Table Dinner for the academic year (October 2013) was indeed a memorable experience for me. Though I know for a fact that a couple of my friends walked out halfway through the dinner, I’m still rather proud of myself. That gown is really not that easy to iron you know.

4. I’ve also twisted my ankle (my previous blog post) and been in the HKU physiotherapy unit more often than I’ve skipped class (oops).

5. And… fallen in love.

With University life. I hated freshman year. I was very nearly failing all my core subjects and crying everytime I skyped my mom because I’ve never felt so stupid in my entire life. I didn’t get much smarter in a year, but I’ve learned to deal with my overflowing emotions better. So basically, I’ve grown, as we all have.

6. I regret not making more friends, and because I have the memory span of a goldfish, I have a feeling I’ve not said Hi to so many people I actually know. People must think I’m such a snob but I really, honestly, can’t remember you unless I’ve talked to you over 10 times on 10 separate occasions. So, my sincerest apologies, I look like a snob (face problem issues) but I’m really not that bad.

7. I’ve gained weight. Yes I have. I lost a lot of weight in freshman year, I don’t know what happened this year (I probably got comfortable). And to all those who think I need the extra weight, no I do not. My mom agrees with me and has confiscated all my summer shorts until I lose some. I have also lost count of the times my coach has given me the look when I wolf down supper after training.

8. I regret not going out more often. There have been too many nights I’ve decided to stay in instead of joining my friends on a night out (yes, I do have friends), have dinner all alone and watch some comedy show. I have now come to the conclusion that comfort zones are for the insecure. Though I have gotten very tired of hearing the phrase YOLO, I cannot deny that there is some truth in it. I’ve had some of the best fun during the few times I did step out of my comfort zone and hence, note to self: Get rid of this Forever Alone mindset, it has done no good.

9. And I regret procrastinating so much. Now this, I am pretty sure the whole school is with me because we’re all paying for it right now (or will in the very near future). But good luck to everyone who has finals, and for those who don’t, stay clear because it’s stress, tension, and danger zone around me until the end of May.

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to my Sophomore year than this, such as when I got tipsy learning how to make cocktails (just a little) or when I went rooftop painting and managed to paint my jeans too, or the time when I wrote on the windows of my floor lounge for a friend in the opposite Block to see, or when I went to a Christmas picnic with a huge group of friends and I was the only one wearing a purple Christmas hat, etc.

It has been an incredible year with sky highs and rock bottoms. And now that school is out and finals are in, I hereby wish that may we all gor 3 bao 4.