Exams, Stress and Coffee

May 05, 2012 / by / 0 Comment

Exams start on Monday, and there is still so much I need to cover for my courses! Exams at HKU (for the unlucky ones who have them) are a source for inspiration from Mother Nature. I open a book and somehow thunder starts, leaving me with reflections on the significance of life and my place in the universe. Living here on the Sassoon Road student village, I get a lot of opportunities to take a walk on the calm Pok Fu Lam, or go the roof of my hall to gaze at the starry Lamma Island, the three chimneys of the power house pointing to the heavens in divine reflection.

Wait, didn’t I just say I opened a book?

This pretty much describes it all.

So I have a long list of exams ahead of me. Trips to the Flora Ho sports center to take exams can never get more punishing (of course working out is already a punishment I consider tough enough :D ).  And then there is the cursing myself about studying so little, and promising to start early the next semester. Yeah, the same ol’ routine that would be the first thing I forget after exams are over.

Well, I still have a lot to cover. For those who have already had exams, well, the least you can do is not remind us you are done with EVERYTHING every time you see us!!! And for everyone else, GOOD LUCK. You are going to need it.

May the force (fourth) be with you! I know I am a day late to say this, but still….

And for all the coffee lovers; Starbucks @ Happy Park has introduced a new buy 1 get 1 deal on Fridays for all frappuccinos they have. The offer is only from 3-5pm, so get there early. The line is astonishingly long!


You get the idea.


Till next time. Stay put, the exams will soon be over :p!