Explore Otaku Culture in HK!

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One thing I come to love about Hong Kong is that it is not just East meets West that defines the city, it is also East meets East that plays a significant role in the vibrant city’s identity. Japanese culture plays a huge role in influencing HK youth, making it probably the biggest hub for otakus outside of Japan. If you were wondering what Otaku (オタク) means, it is a Japanese term for people with obsessive interests, especially in manga and anime. Whether this entails a positive or negative connotation depends on your level of appreciation of Japanese culture but here are some places you should seriously consider to plan to visit.


Wan Chai Computer Centre


Wan Chai Computer Centre, accessible from Wan Chai station Exit A, is the place for computer otakus. The two-storey complex is home to shops of varying sizes (from ridiculously small to conventional), carrying possibly every computer model and related accessories in the market at a substantially lower price. Computer builders, both beginners and advanced builders, will find home on the second floor where you will find stores selling materials and wares, applicable for both Windows and Linux, to build your own computer. If you are looking for a computer related bargain, Wan Chai Computer Centre should be your destination.


Oriental 188 Shopping Centre


Oriental 188 Shopping Centre, not too far away from the Wan Chai Computer Centre, is the must go Mecca for gamers. A shopping centre dedicated to games of all formats and from all countries, you can easily find the latest games as well as limited editions and rare collections. Oriental 188 also sells gift cards from Japan and United States like Nintendo and Sony store cards, complementing your gaming experience.


Sino Centre


Sino centre is the unofficial capital of Otaku Culture in HK. Idol and Anime fans flock here on daily basis at the heart of Nathan road for CDs, magazines and other collectibles straight from Japan and recently, Korea. Retro and latest games and gaming consoles from Japan as well as anime figures and posters are sold here too, attracting broader ranges of otakus. Bigger surprises await on the upper floors, reachable only by elevators, with LPs and toy stores including a secret base… Sino centre is accessible from Yau Ma Tei Exit A1.


In’s Point


If you are daunted by Sino Centre’s hustle and bustle, you can always try In’s point. Although more figure- and toy-based, In’s Point should satisfy your inner otaku with shops dedicated to various anime franchises from yesterday and today, from Godzilla to Haikyuu, in a comparatively modern and relaxed atmosphere. In’s Point is a five-minute walk along Nathan Road from Sino Centre.


Yan On Building


Gunpla or plastic Gundam models lovers would definitely enjoy Yan On Building. Yan On Building is home to two comprehensive Gunpla stores that have stocks of tools and models needed to jump start or boost your collection. Model air guns and other mock-military items are available here too, enticing those fascinated by the army. Upstairs features gaming and other general hobby stores while the area nearby sells delicious local street foods.  Yan On building is located in Yau Ma Tei and is accessible from MTR exit B1.


Honourable mentions could be Sham Shui Po Golden Computer Arcade, CTMA Centre, Animate and quite unexpectedly, Causeway Bay Sogo. Best time to visit these places, including the above mentioned, would be after 3 PM for certain shops do not open until well after lunch hour. Most stores do not accept credit cards so cash will probably be your only payment option, and remember a smile and simple Cantonese phrases like “m goi” to the shopkeepers might save you a dollar or two!