Fake it till you make it– to the beach!

May 21, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

I know how depressing it is– counting down the exams you have until your holiday officially arrives, or, looking out the window to see enough black clouds gathering to cry you a river. You want summer. You want the sun– not the torrential downpour you see everyday. You want the beach– not sand and water in your wellies. Let’s face it, you have lots of work to do and you can’t procrastinate any further. It sucks to see the amber rainstorm signal but you can’t change the weather.

But HEY! Don’t let the rain dampen the spirits of getting the beachy-look. With just a few steps, you can easily fake a beach hair– just to cheer yourself up until the sun comes up maybe?

With the above products, you can easily fake your long and straight hair into a wavy beach hair look. Sea salt sprays can be found from Sasa, or if you are up for more natural products, Lush‘s spray does not only work well on thick and rough hair,  it also smells utterly delighting. If sea salt sprays fail to give you natural curls, try using a hair curler. I’m currently using GHD‘s hair straightener, which I highly recommend. I prefer using a hair straightener mainly because it can function as a curler as well as a straightener and GHD has a wide range of straighteners in different sizes and colours!

Can’t be bothered to spend time to style your hair? Quit blow-drying and let your hair dry naturally, that’s what I do for most of the time! Well, it does give a beach-wavy hair style eh?