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Fifa: The Way Girls See It

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So, the World Cup’s been ongoing for a month now. Exciting, innit? We all know that we have our differences when it comes to sports, all the more for football. And some opinions can vary very drastically. Especially between genders. Oh no no, I am in no way trying to be sexist here, I study Engineering, it would be ironic for me to do that.

Scroll down to find out what I’ve heard from girls during this football season.

Offside. OFFSIDE!!! Oh my god Mr. Referee, are you blind?! – Sharon

So… how’s China doing? – Anonymous

I sort of get engaged with the hype in them trying to score. Some of the maneuvers are actually damn cool. So it is possible to sit down and watch but I’ve never tried watching the full 90 minutes. – Mun Yee

I get my updates of each match every morning on my Facebook homepage. hKUDOS blogger Niki

I put 100 bucks into the betting account at the beginning of the season. Right now I have 105. At least I’m not losing money! – Shelly

I personally don’t really care but having friends from all over the world means I can laugh at them when their team loses. [this quote has been amended due to colorful vocabulary] hKUDOS blogger Karen

I tried watching a few times and get so excited when I actually bet on the match… But obviously good looking guys are always the biggest attraction for girls. – Pei Ling

You got that right Pei Ling. Oh that German goalie… sigh… – Me

See how bad their acting skills are every time someone accidentally brushes their legs, almost like WWE. – Evey

I find the sport interesting especially when Deutschland is around. Too many teams do too one-man or few men shows so soccer is usually too egoistic. Yet Germany shows the best teamplay and it’s always fun to watch. – Chi Yung

I’ve blocked all my football-crazy guy friends until the World Cup is over. Because they have the urge to post an update of the match every ten minutes. ALL of them together. Just. No. – Jessica

If the matches weren’t at such a god awful time I would be watching but now I just keep track through highlights and news. So I guess I can’t understand why football > sleep? – Pamela

This is one of the times I get my girlfriends back in bulk. They’re usually all so occupied with their boyfriends we can’t hang out altogether. These days they come looking for me for company. – Sylvia

So who’s Manchester United up against? – Luo Lin

That’s it from us girls. Guys, if you think you can make any of these ladies see it your way, feel free to give it a try. Don’t try me though, I’m still drooling over Neuer.

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