#foodaroundHKU teakha kitchen –“through a cup of tea, you see the world”

April 15, 2016 / by / 0 Comment

I was more than happy to know when Nana Chan, owner of teakha on Tai Ping Shan Street, has decided to bring this much-loved cafe to the HKU neighbourhood. The new branch opened as as teakha II (for obvious reasons, but is recently renamed as teakha kitchen) and is located on Po Tuck Street, among which is a relatively quiet residential street off Hill Road, only 5-minutes away from the HKU MTR station. Perfect spot for staff and students to hang out!


teakha kitchen shares the same homey and relaxing vibe with the original but is roomier and more open. Furnished with large communal tables, wooden chairs and benches, styled light fixtures, the new branch is more like a dining area than an actual cafe, offering a space for people to gather and enjoy the food.


As one may be able to guess from the name teakha (which literally means tea-home), teahka serves only tea (and no coffee for now!). Whilst drinking tea may seem old fashioned, it is taken seriously and seen as a form of art at teakha.  Much attention and care has been placed from the sourcing of tealeaves, to the way of cooking or brewing of tea, and finally to the tea ware in which the tea is served.
And with a larger and more well-equipped open kitchen, teakha kitchen is able to offer a more diverse and extensive menu.  On top of the cakes and baked goodies behind the glass of the cake display, tummy-filling foods are now available from the new brunch menu. My all-time favourite is shashuka (which is essentially eggs, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes cooked and served in a skillet sprinkled with feta cheese and parsley) and tea-infused egg (topped on  sautéed mixed mushrooms, spinach and pearl barley).  The menu is seasonal and changes now and then which is also a reason why I am never bored of this place.


But what I adore most about teakha, is that it is much more than a café offering food and drinks. teakha truly demonstrates how“through a cup of tea, you can see the world”. teakha has been regularly hosting activities in their little shop on Tai Ping Shan Street –calligraphy workshops, pottery workshops, movie screenings, music performances, book exchanges, just to name a few. With the extra space and convenience provided by the new branch, teakha kitchen is now the perfect spot for activities involving more people such as talks and exhibitions.
Apart from promoting art and culture, teakha kitchen has recently collaborated with Big Love Alliance (a non-profit organization fighting for basic equal rights for the LGBT community) and held a talk on transgender and cross-dresser, an unfamiliar topic to most of us that deserves much more attention. It is uncommon to see local independent cafes supporting good causes and contributing to the society (instead of just finding ways to boost business and profit). I believe our city needs more cafes like teakha, which allows us to truly see the world through a cup of tea.

G/F, 18 Po Tuck Street, Sai Wan, Hong Kong