Fresh Lodge in Sheung Wan

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Fresh Lodge is located on Wing Lok st., Sheung Wan. Ever heard of it? I doubt it cus it’s a part of the street where you would not have passed at all unless you are a resident around here. (Yup, I  live in such a cool neighbourhood.) ;) As the name of the place suggests, it’s a place where they sell fresh seafood including oysters, sashimi, clams, fish, prawns, and many more with quality wines but with cool rooftop lounge and comfy interior, a lot of people actually tend to stay for a quick meal or even drinks as well.



I know…they KINDLY wrote it down almost everything they have as if people actually read all that stuff.




It would actually be quite a nice place to have a private cocktail party or birthday party up here with some friends and colleagues although the high and narrow wooden staircases leading up here might be dangerous once people get tipsy.

Anyways, that ain’t my major concern. My good old Irish friend was visiting and I had to take him out to drink and to catch up. I usually get really fatty brunch with milkshake but I just bought a really gorgeous dress few days ago and I wanna look great in it. Resisting such a massive temptation to get a burger, I was roaming around town, Sheung wan, thinking what to eat and I just walked in here for some healthy meal and I think I made a smart choice.



I got an assorted sashimi bowl with rice + soy sauce, and wasabi. 88hkd. I’m a seafood lover since I’m a pescatarian, meaning that I don’t eat any meat except fish and occasionally chicken, but this obviously wasn’t the BEST Sashimi rice I’ve ever had. I know a place in Soho called “Ogawa” that has a lot tastier and fresh sashimi rice. Also, the soy sauce wasn’t the kind of soy sauce you eat with sashimi, and I mistakenly put way too much wasabi inside my rice – it’s my fault this time -, my nostrils were burning with flames as if someone shoved a menthol inside.

They serve all food in plastic bowls and paper cups for some reason which is NOT ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY! I’m sure there must be another way to make the food look cool and all. I can’t really make a judgement now cus I haven’t tried their pasta and other menus, but my expectation has gone down already. :(

Fresh lodge is a cool place when it comes to ambience and casual dining with reasonable price but I hope to see some quality food next time and I shall come back after detoxing all that alcohol in my body.