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Hi guys, this is my first post as a newly recruited blogger,

and it’d be good to kick it off with a brief introduction of myself!


My name’s Wayne Chang.  I’m 18 years of age. 

Home is at Taipei, Taiwan. 

I’m a year 1 student studying economics and finance.


I love to play sports such as badminton and basketball.  

On top of that, I’m really into travelling and photography. 

Reading, singing, and watching movies are also on my to-do list during leisure time


I hate it when sand goes into my shoes,

but occasionally I still find myself wandering on the beach. 

I treasure all kinds of relics Time left behind. 

I smile a lot, yet cries sometimes.


I joined HKUDOS to sharpen my writing skills. 

I sincerely hope that through the process of words producing,

not only my writings may be improved,

but most importantly, ideal readers—namely you guys,

may find pleasure and amusement in my brainchild.


Thank you in advance for reading my blog!