Gourmet shopping in K-Town

May 27, 2013 / by / 0 Comment

Hello beasts and beauties,

today I’ve come with something new: a Gourmet shop. Yes, it’s not a complete food yet that I’m talking about but I am responsible for all the postings on my blog and have complete faith in them that they won’t disappoint you.

There are few famous Italian Deli and gourmet stores in Hong Kong such as Il bel paese but they always tend to be gathered in Central or Soho district but now I have found a decent shop comparable to any other existing gourmet stores in Kennedy Town and my shopping experience was very much satisfactory not only because of the quality goods but also because of friendly and comforting attitude and manners of the staffs.

Located on 45 Hau Wo Street, Kennedy Town, PAVILION GOURMET is very easy to find since it is near Tram Terminus and on a so-called Restaurants Street in Kennedy Town. Dark brown exterior with bricks and yellow and wooden interior emits a sense of home, country, and gives a warm and cozy feeling to the customers. And as you walk in, surprisingly multilingual staffs and a manager would welcome with warm smile and casual talk; they wouldn’t force you to buy anything but they simply are such a nice people that you’d come out with at least something(Sorry that’s the main reason of my spending today)

A variety of cheese, ham, fresh meat, wine, and seasonings would charm your eyes and nose and you are very welcome to try tasting them either by asking for a slice/spoonful of cheese or a slice of salami. After trying out about 6 different kinds of cheese I got 100g of Wensleydale with Pineapple, which was a bit sweet and sour for $38. I must say that it was a very satisfying choice of cheese in a way that it was refreshing enough to be served as a dessert and was mild enough as well to go with a glass of wine.

Also, on one side, there is a tasting corner like this so you can try slices of hard bread or crackers with different flavors of butter, olives, butter and whatnot.

As a resident in Kennedy Town, having such a nice Gourmet shop right down my place came as a huge pleasure and a quality and variety of the goods here also were very satisfactory; and PAVILION apparently turned out to be a merit for expatriate residents like me in Western District. If you would like to have a look at Western gourmet and plan on a house wine party with your mates, I say this is where you should check out. Plus, as all my postings are, PAVILION also provides goods at a very affordable and reasonable price.