Happy April Foods

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So it’s April Foods Month. Ok I came up with that myself, but the theme is food for this month and I really have nothing to say about food. You can say I have high tolerance in this area. I eat almost anything and am rarely picky. Basically, I’m the eat-to-live type. I don’t really have standards.

Whilst my fellow bloggers will probably be posting wonderful salivating articles about the best food in town/campus/their own recipes in the very near future, I shall blog about the typical food every HKU student staying away from home (who are not born chefs and have absolutely no interest in spending more than half an hour trying to make something edible) will eat at one point (or else I’m the only weirdo here).

1. Instant noodles

Ohh yes. Instant noodles are your best friend. They keep you fed, they don’t need much to be cooked with (eggs or none, your call) and they‘re ‘instant’, which is probably why you’re having them in the first place – those term papers, projects, next-day-midterms-you’ve-ahem-studied-for, one can say you really can’t afford to fine dine at the moment, and it’s not about the money.

There are other reasons why people have instant noodles though:

-          It’s freezing/raining outside

-          You had stuff on and missed dinner but can’t be bothered to go get supper at McDonald’s

-          You’re broke from all those nights out doing I-don’t-know-what-but-I-bet-it-was-fun and worth the current bowl of miserable puffy ramen in front of you right now.

-          Nobody wants to eat with you (this is my sole reason. And I am embarrassed to admit that a quarter of my meals for this semester have been instant noodles. PLEASE call me out if you don’t mind an extra tag-along.)

2.  Expired bread

Now now, it isn’t as gross as it sounds. I’m not referring to the week-old moldy bread that you wouldn’t even feed to birds, I’m talking about a slice or two of day-olds that’s just too much of a waste and you really, honestly, have nothing else left to eat in your room. Luxurious eating of this meal is with scrambled eggs, jam, peanut butter, and maybe a glass of milk – fit for royalty.

3. Cereal

Easy-to-go breakfast/snack/supper/any time of the day. Along with some yogurt, fruit if you’re feeling generous, or soy milk and you’re good to go. I have a friend who buys 8 boxes in one go because she has them every morning and re-stocking is too much of a hassle if she buys one by one. I buy family packs of soy milk. Those family pack food, they’re tailored for us hall students. We finish them faster alone than an actual family does.

4. Eggs a.k.a Nutrition

One and only source of nutrition. All the meals you can be bothered to whip up probably only consist of carbs or fibre (refer to 1, 2, & 3) and adding an egg to said meal makes you feel like it has some nutrient content – basically protein and makes you feel slightly healthier. Don’t kid yourself hun.

5. Yi Gei (宜记)

I swear on behalf of my fellow Residential College friends that this place is our life-savior. The place that doesn’t close till 2 in the morning. The one place that’s just down the hill and provides a filling meal at a fairly reasonable price. It’s a hotspot for hall teams that end practice late at night and aren’t left with much choice. If you stay in a hall, belong to a sports team, are someone who stays till very late in school, there is no way you don’t know this place. Most people can even tell if you’ve been here, just by taking a sniff at your clothes. The aroma lingers longer than you think.

6. McDonald’s

For those who are not health conscious, have pretty …. different body clocks, and cannot be bothered to even consider a different menu. I was surprised when I first arrived in Hong Kong. You can find a McDonald’s on almost every three turns. Now that I have McDonald’s every three days, I understand why.

7. Vending machines

I honestly don’t know how much they earn from installing vending machines all over campus and in halls, but I’m sure they profit a lot and demand still exceeds the supply that provides us with carbonated drinks – for those sugar rush cravings, and all kinds of snacks – either for your sweet tooth or because it’s the only option that will temporarily shut your growling stomach up at that ungodly hour.

The guys who restock the vending machines should be given a schedule of our exam periods so they know when we’ll start turning into zombies and relying on their food supply to endure these difficult times.

It’s probably safe to assume that many students who don’t stay at home do not put meals as a top priority, me included. Heck, even proper meal times take a backseat. But keep in mind that we don’t stay young forever. Irregular meals, binging, skipping meals may seem fine for the time being, but they accumulate and will take a toll on our ill-nourished bodies in the long run. Maybe it’s time to put down that bag of chips and wash an apple instead.

Or, pay attention next time you’re back home and mom’s in the kitchen. There’s some good stuff worth learning in there.