Happy CNY the yr of snake and the new start!

February 12, 2013 / by / 0 Comment


Hello my readers out there on the web! I hope you all enjoy my upcoming de-Licious posts but first things first, Happy Lunar new year! Apparently the year 2013 starts now in Chinese perspective and since I’m in Hong Kong, I’ll take that view and appreciate as well. Sorry for the late update but I spent the last few days in Macau with my dear friend so please excuse my holiday-spirit. So, what you all be expecting on my blog is FOOD; well, actually it’s much more than food but be prepared to see loads of pictures and posts that’ll make you salivate. Mhmmm

7 months have passed since I’ve settled down in HK and since I am one of the YOLOers (You Only live Once) and love to chill around, I happen to find amazing places, meeting amazing people and I am very happy to finally share them with you guys. People should really get rid of their stereotypes of Hong Kong being either dodgy or flashy with Casinos and party life and see what’s hidden inside. I’ll be introducing you guys with cafes, restaurants, small pubs or bars, bakeries, and even chill parks where you could get out of the packed city and just rest by yourself and RELAX.

So feel free to leave any comments or give me any suggestions because now you are part of my blog. Welcome on board, my fellow readers and hope you follow up with my journey. I’m always around town so if you happen to bump into a gorgeous blogger with camera and pen, oh yeah, that’d be me. Adios! :)