Haunted Tales of HKU

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Written in conjunction with Nessa Wong

Put a hundred-year-old tertiary institution, young people with  imaginations, and Halloween season together, what do you get? That’s right, it’s about time to review those popular HKU ghost stories you have been hearing people sporadically mentioned around camps, or after orientation camps.


Chong Yuet Ming (CYM) Amenities Centre


What you probably know already is that Chong is the late wife of Hong Kong’s wealthiest tycoon, Mr. Li Ka Shing. What you don’t know is the mysterious circumstances surrounding the cause of her death. After her passing away, Li donated to the University to build CYM Amenities Centre, which is aptly dome-shaped like a coffin. Before the 3rd and 4th floor of the Amenities Centre was closed off due to construction earlier this year, look closely and you will also realise that there are floors that don’t have elevators, and steps inconveniently placed in the entrance of lavatories. These soon become very interesting observations when you realise that the late Chong was confined to a wheelchair due to her frail health, and therefore rumours started circulating that the function of the Amenities Centre was designed to trap her ghost so she cannot escape, forever haunting the hallways of the campus building. Feeling a chill down your spine yet? It gets even better. Employees at the supermarket in CYM have reported seeing the back of a woman in a wheelchair wandering around the aisles when those aisles obviously didn’t have enough space to fit a wheelchair. After that incident, ParknShop changed their closing hours to sunset. Oh, and a friendly note to my fellow female students: the late Mrs Li is rumoured to be particularly fond of gussying herself up in the mirror, so the girls’ bathrooms are particularly haunted. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, the lighting and the decor of CYM bathrooms are enough to creep me out anyway, so I never go there alone, or in the middle of the night.

May Hall

mh01 hong-kong-university

The origin of May Hall and its paranormal inhabitants began with the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong during World War Two. Prisoners of war and many other Chinese citizens were imprisoned and tortured by Japanese soldiers in the campus of King’s College, directly opposite to the future Tang Chi Ngong Building – one of the entrances of HKU. Constructed immediately after the war, the plaque of the entrance reads ‘Vniversity’. The story goes that the ‘V’ is used instead of ‘U’ because the (again) dome-shaped letter reminded the ghosts of King’s College of being hanged from their nooses. It was reported that vengeful ghosts caused road accidents on Bonham Road, outside of HKU, whenever the school tried to replace the letters and construction workers have found that the letter ‘U’ would always fall down the next day. Take that story with a pinch of salt, for the official explanation is that the ‘V’ is used because of traditional Latin practices.

What does all of this have to do with May Hall? Well, the ‘Vniversity’ entrance of Bonham Road directly leads to the basketball court of May Hall…rumour has it that it is the place where spirits like to hang around in the afterlife.

Written in conjunction with Nessa Wong