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Inspiration hasn’t quite struck this week… And I’m sure everyone’s bombarded with a never-ending pile of work when we’re at the LAST WEEK OF THE SEMESTER (Well deserved pat-on-the-back)!! So, for this week, I’m going to introduce the things I’ve been up to on the weekends, consisting of NUTRITION, HEALTH and CREATIVITY. I am no expert in any of these fields so, apologies if you think they’re daft. These are mere suggestions for those who’ve decided that your productivity level has just spiraled downhill after you’ve devoured your breakfast or if you’ve decided that spending your 6th weekend in a row playing LOL should come to a stop. And now… ON WITH THE SHOW.


Given that this month’s theme is #thehungergames, I’m going to kick off with a list of delicacies that I’ve digested over the weeks.


Chinese-style seafood is abundance, sometimes even an overload (e.g. the unnecessary amount of shark fin, abalone, sea poop cucumber, most of which lives in a glass box bigger than my house). Stripping down all the gaudy seafood hall-of-fame-esque vibe, is a little fisherman’s village, a little past Sai Kung, that knows how to do justice to the freshest catch on the market. Getting down there is a bit tricky, but anything for gargantuan array of seafood.

Po Toi O Seafood


I refused to give my friend a bad first impression of HKU by introducing him to the wonderful selections available on campus, so we ventured down into Kennedy Town to land ourselves at one of the many wine bars (so much, enough to get the entire HKU student body drunk), named K-Town that served a proper 3-course meal. The menu is filled with choices spanning from pesque-y fillet to un-overcooked lamb (a rarity for many set lunch meals) to a carefully flamed crème brûlée for dessert.



K-Town Food


Just one of the many choices of restaurants for lazy lunch (something which I overdo on a weekly basis, hence my DOLLA BILLS have a tendency to just walk out on me… don’t leave me… YOU RAISE ME UP). One thing that stands out from the rest of the bar/bristro-esque restaurants is the shining chandelier of booze hung from the ceiling (I swear… I’m not an alcoholic) and of course… mouthwatering burgers.




One of our guest bloggers has talked about this beforehand. If you want to really go out and get some fresh air, not some rubbish Pok Fu Lam extremely un-environmentally-friendly bus-fumes-in-your-face, going hiking is probably the only way you can actually escape the super-healthy smog-filled city. Trails vary from extreme (e.g. Ma On Shan – hiking on all fours at certain points), to a nice walk in the park (e.g. Shing Mun Reservoir). BUT I DON’T WANT TO GO ALL THE WAY TO THE NEW TERRITORIES! That’s fine… HK island is filled with trails itself. To be fair… Only 10% of Hong Kong’s land is occupied by skyscrapers… so you can work out the rest.

BEWARE: There are monkeys around certain places (e.g. Shing Mun Reservoir, Monkey Mountain). DO NOT ENGAGE IN FEEDING. THEY WILL STEAL ALL YOUR SH*T. Just like how Hermoine stole all of James Franco, Danny McBride and Co.’s SH*T in ‘This is the End’.



Although climbing is no typical racket or ball sport, climbing is one the fastest ways to get in shape by utilising every ounce of your muscles to get you up those walls. I’M AFRAID OF HEIGHTS NO WAY! Don’t worry, climbing doesn’t mean that you have to hit up a climbing wall that’s five stories high. There’s something called bouldering, where one has no harness (RELAX!), and climbs up a short wall of about three to five meters high. BUT THAT’S NOT EVEN HARD! Levels vary accordingly, there are V0 (beginner) to V16 (ÜBERHARD). I DON’T SEE THESE MAGICAL AND ACCEPTING CLIMBING WALLS ANYWHERE! They’re found in things called “climbing gyms”, where bouldering walls are built in and the bouldering problems are changed every month. One’s right below us, called ‘Da Verm’, at 419G Queen’s Rd West, left of ‘Derby West’.

Da Verm


Mui Wo is situated on a mystical faraway island named Lantau, a little community with an almost-equal mix of gwai los, locals, good ol’ Chinese culture and a couple of restaurant/bars for happy hour or your standard lazy Sundays. Not to mention the cave exploring, the peaceful Silvermine waterfall and the splendid beaches dotted around Mui Wo. Only a short ferry ride from Central!


Sivermine Cave

Mui Wo Culture Final

Pooping in the wild and circa 1783 graffiti (I kid!)


There is nothing better than to rid your body of unwanted toxins through an earthly massage. Sounds pretty indulgent, but let’s be honest, it’s a well-deserved massage after being slaughtered by your philosophy essays. Note to everyone: drink more water after the massage to flush those oozed-out toxins… Or risk a trip to the pro bono University Health Service.




I have had the pleasure of being invited to a Lung Wah ArtJamming session organised by one of my mates. Originally set up for all Lung Wah lodgers, Artjamming is you, a canvas, paint and space! A perfect past time for you to go relive that inner artist that you once had before you landed yourself into a pen and paper degree. On the other hand, I managed to meet some awesome people who shared this spiritually calming experience with me.



Although I was not privileged or quite intelligent enough to receive and invite to attend a TEDtalk, I paid 200 bucks to go witness some great ideas shared around Hong Kong, one of which was my law-degree-ditching and playing-piano-for-a-living friend. Sitting in front of a computer screen and watching a TEDtalk, I thought, was the closest I can ever get to a proper TEDtalk, but these independently run TEDtalks are spreading like wildfire. Watch out for the one in coming October at HKU!

TedTalk Final

A part of my law-ditching friend’s TEDtalk


God has gifted us with the greatness of alcohol and the capability of mashing flavours of rainbow unicorns with splendidly picturesque shades of flamboyant ombré beauties. I’ve decided to further plunge myself into the investigation of this brilliant creation by attending a bartending course. I have partially mastered the talk of wines; rich husband here I come. It’s good to know a few trix up your sleeve! I believe the posh French Society offer courses at a decent price!